140 to 1

There is a story, during the marriage between Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman, Carmen walked into their bedroom to find Dennis completely naked with another women sharing with her all of his many inches.   Incredulous, Carmen gasped and screamed at Dennis with disgust and anger.   Dennis only looked back at Carmen, indignant and defiant retorting, What women, there is no women in this bed.

To expect anything less from the tatted freak would be silly and naïve, and his persona would probably suffer from any response less outlandish.   He is Dennis Rodman after all.

While we are unsurprised and tolerate such bombastic actions from characters like Dennis Rodman, we generally expect a little more out of our elected officials.

Responding to the charge that President Bush has acted improperly in his pardon of Scooter Libby for Libby’s obstruction of justice conviction, Bill Clinton said, You’ve got to understand, this is consistent with their philosophy… (Republicans) believe that they should be able to do what they want to do, and that the law is a minor obstacle.

It makes the Dennis Rodman What women comment seem so much less ridiculous.

Here are just a few of the minor obstacles law could not prevent the Clinton’s from traversing:

Bill Clinton gave missile control technology to China for campaign contributions.

Hillary Clinton authored the legal notes which enabled James McDougal to engage in racketeering, and swindle his bank out of millions.

Bill Clinton was impeached, but escaped conviction.   He avoided further legal action by agreeing to a suspension of his law license for five years after admitting to obstruction of justice (same charge which convicted Libby) in the Monica Lewinsky Paula Jones scandal.    

The Clinton Administration’s Travelgate debacle, where long time White House employees were fired so Clinton cronies could run that office, concluded in 2000 with Independent Counsel Robert Ray stating, Hillary Clinton has made factually false statements, but there is insufficient evidence to prosecute her.

Hillary’s deceit in Travelgate and in previous dealings of the notorious Whitewater scandal were so egregious, they prompted William Safire, noted columnist and Clinton supporter, to lament, Hillary Clinton is a congenital liar.

His last day in office, President Clinton doled out pardons to 140 individuals generous donors to Clinton campaign committees.

Clinton’s commentary, It’s wrong to out that CIA agent, and wrong to try to cover it up and wrong that no one was ever fired from the White House for doing it , is laughable and insulting when you realize there was no outing , and early on in his investigation Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald knew who the leaker was (Richard Armitage) and deliberately concealed that fact so he could continue his harassment and interrogation of Bush Administration officers.   If Clinton had a shred of integrity he would at least acknowledge that simple fact.  

Truth for the Clinton’s, however, is not recognition of established fact; truth is any commentary or statement which advances their personal agenda.

You’ve got to understand , if you protect a member of your cabinet from a vicious and unethical prosecution, who was entrapped by a zealous prosecutor with an agenda, consistent with your philosophy you are skirting that minor obstacle called the law , but if you repeatedly prostitute the office of the presidency for your own financial advancement, pay off favors with not one pardon, but 140 of them, well you’re just a good American, and the drive by media will support you every step of the way by refusing to focus on this abuse of power as long as you embrace their socialist ideology.

For leftists, there is nothing so nefarious as virtue and nothing so offensive as the truth.

Next year when Hillary Clinton becomes the Democrat nominee for president, it will be reassuring to know this is the best candidate the party of the donkey could find its way to bring to the American people.   It will be nice to know they couldn’t find a candidate with just a little bit of integrity, someone with just a little bit of character and honor, and someone who might evoke just a shred of respect from the people.

Someone like Dennis Rodman.


Copyright 2007 Jim Pontillo

21 thoughts on “140 to 1

  1. I always enjoy reading conservative opinions but I’m sorry, Republicans/conservatives have this sick obsession with what grown men or woman do in their private lives; yes, Clinton lied, and he hurt his family. No one should do that, but in the end it is a private matter between adults. Most Americans realised this when they expressed their frustrations with the 1998 ‘backlash’ elections. Is what Bill did or did not do with a woman more important then ending poverty, fixing our dying medical system, or improving our public schools. I think Howard Stern put it best when he said that the Republians should be the last people to be talking about sexual ethics- the most digusting was Newt leaving his dying wife for his mistress- fact. And when it comes to ethics, 3600 of our dead children, killed in a war based on a lie, seems to be more of a concern for most Americans. As people are saying, when Clinton lied, no body died. May God have mercy on Mr. Bush and his Republican backers.

  2. Well put…your information about the Clintons. How quickly we forget the Clint record of lies and hypocrisy. I have never liked them from the beginning and detest them even more now. Bill Clinton and his wife are very beguiling in their hooded eye vision of America. And to think that if Ross Perot had not run for the presidency, Bill Clinton would not have won. Pity America if Hillary wins the election. “We ain’t seen nothing yet.”

  3. What we need is another Ronald Reagen, unfortunately I don’t think we have an available candidate at this time.
    But, I guarantee I will not be voting for the Clinton’s. We need a strong third party, but alas, I don’t think that will happen either.

  4. Matt,

    Are you smoking crack? Clinton obstructed justice trying to get Monica Lewinski to lie about the Paula Jones lawsuit, and plea bargained his way out of it agreeing to a five year suspension of his law license. as for ending poverty, you do that by supporting capitilism not socialism as Clinton inc. wants, as far as morality is concerned, Democrats have absolutely none regardless what you say about the worst Republicans. Iraq was not based on a “lie” it was based on intelligence that said Sadam was trying to get uranium, and we know he used WMD’s on his own people.

    Personally I’d rather be wrong and kill evil bad guys, than be wrong than have them kill us. You’d rather have them kill us as long as you can hate George Bush. Yipppeee!

  5. One more thing Matt,

    Our medical system is dying because the government got their fingers in it. If it was left to the free market where individuals bought their own health care instead of having it provided by employers it would be fine.

    Get rid of all the teachers unions that are holding our children hostage in school and education would be fine also.

    Every problem you complain about has been made worse by Democrats, and Republicans have been villified for trying to fix them…and yeah I know what villified means.

  6. To Anne Coulter: If you ever come to Virginia I will have your baby for you.

    God please give this country a Hero..

    Its time to bring back Oliver North!!

  7. I am always so discouraged when I read and/or hear another American dishonor thier own country and the president. Do you honestly think that the average American has any idea what is going on with “The War On Terror” or any of the many political decisions this country is facing? The best thing we can do for the American people is to educate them on what is really going on around the world and who will be the best person to represent our country before we let them in the boothe to vote. Lets be honest, Yes I would love to see better school systems and healthcare reform, but will it really matter to me when some ratical walks into my daughter’s BRAND new school and blows it up in an act of terrorism……..I think not. And yes I do care that Mr.Clinton cheated on his wife. If a man can’t be faithful to his own wife then why should I believe he could be faithful to his country! Bush is just cleaning up the mess and taking the heat for Clinton’s neglect.

  8. That’s right, there are no good Democrat candidates…there are no good Democrats!

    Unless you think communism is good!

  9. First off, Sucky Mike (I mean sake mike, LOL) no matter how many times you close your eyes and repeat ..’there are no good Democratic candidates. There are no Democratic candidates.’ There will be a Democrat in the White House soon!

    Second, the warmonger, make money off the death of other humans, P.o.S., worst speaker in the history of the presidency, Michael Vick-like president missed the damn target just like his pops did before him. It’s good to know Osama is still running around out there, right? Good job Mr. Bush protector of the world!

    And third, Brandi, yes it is true the American people need to get educated. That would mean a ratical, I mean RADICAL, change in the way the American public behaves which is MORONIC! The general public knows more about what that stupid **** Paris Hilton did last night or the lyrics to some Clay Aiken song than they do about world affairs. Most of the people in America have never travelled to a foreign country(and no Tijuana doesn’t count) to see how other cultures are. If more of us would travel and experience other cultures then less of us would want to kill other cultures.

    Lastly, it is NOT a dishonor to question your elected officials it is a right! In fact, more of a right than the antiquated right to bear arms.

    F Anne Coulter!

  10. Glenn, (or should I say Mr. Rosie” pig face” O’Donnell!)

    First off, Sucky Mike. Only in your wet liberal Homo dreams.

    Far as your lame ass attempt to talk Shit goes. We will not remove your lame comments left at formykountry.com we believe that if the liberal morons want to make themselves look like jackasses we encourage them to do so. You my friend have done a fine job of representing the jackass party. I can only encourage you to continue to do so. Thanks for leaving your moronic comments.

    Have you been smoking something? We are far better off with Bush running this country than we would be with any Democrat (John Kerry). Promoting communism/socialism is just downright retarded. So, I guess now I’m officially calling you a retarded jackass. Would you rather Bush stop protecting the United States?
    I bet you’d be just fine with seeing Bush pull out of Iraq, take all the money they’re spending right now to fix global warming, create a government health care program, create government housing for people that can not afford one (not to mention that this was the best thing France ever did. Hahaha!) And not worry about another silly 9/11 attack happening here on US soil. You’d do all this just because it makes you feel good.

    While my friend time to put down that magic pipe you’re smoking. If creating a lazy unproductive society that wants to promote success through “government intervention” rather than success through “hard work and determination” is your American dream you should continue to be a liberal Democrat.

    America was built through hard work and determination and is the greatest country in the world. It was not built by government intervention but it is being destroyed by Democratic Party/liberal intervention.

    PS. I think you should take your own advice and “educate yourself “ on the true facts of the evil party that you are supporting……

  11. The Demoncrats are evil, lying, racist, intolerant hate mongers who despise anything good or anyone who disagrees with them.
    The Demoncrats are the home of the new national socialist party, aka nazi. Demoncrats twist the truth to fit their lies as in calling conservatives nazi, nazi is socialist, leftist, not right. Any variation from Demoncrats thought control & you will be imprisoned &/or killed.
    Beware of the Demoncrats!

  12. You know Glenn……while we are checking each others spelling…….Travelled is spelled with one L!!
    And if is so moronic to change American behavior why are’nt we all still living in caves? You go first Glenn…..travell (I mean)TRAVEL on over to Iraq and see the beautiful culture, how about Darfur
    I hear things are really exciting there! You can question your elected officials all you want, sure go ahead it is your right… just remember how you got that right in the first place and while your at it don’t forget to thank the people who have died to preserve it!!

  13. Thanks Brandi! Travelled or traveled can be spelled either way according to Merriam-Webster. Nice try!

    Oh and I am thankful for those who have fought the REAL wars to keep this country free! Not the fabricated wars that award huge contracts to their buddies companies.

    Let me ask you this? Have you had someone in your family die in Iraq? Didn’t think so. My wife’s family has so we full well know what it means. Nice try again.

    And the behavior I was talking about was the American public’s fascination with loser faux-celebs like Paris Hilton(vs. the lack of knowledge in world affairs or other cultures) not the progressive behavior of a species. Apples and oranges, my dear!


    F Rush “gimme a fix” Limbaugh

  14. Glenn,

    While we are playing, “Who’s the biggest retard?”…buddies is plural for buddy. Your buddy’s company, or your buddies’ companies–either could be correct…buddies companies would not be correct ever.

    As for Bush’s alleged favoritism, did you read this column?

    Even if your assertion is correct, that makes him only a hundredth the criminal that Bill and Hillary are. You’re on par for the Democrat course; you guys will defend child rapists and baby killers if they’re liberal, and attack j-walkers when they’re conservative.

    As for Rush—there is a reason he has 20 million listeners, is the most influential and trusted news source in the nation, and makes more money every hour than you make all year, so attack away grasshopper.

  15. Thanks for your input George! You do make many ASSumptions on where you THINK my stances are.

    I would venture to say neither one of us is in the position to say one politician at that level is more criminal than the other.

    As for Rush, he is in the entertainment business. He is there to sell books and media space. Rush Limbaugh = Michael Moore.

    I’m guessing Michael Moore has made a few more dollars than you as well. Good point.

  16. After the first few paragraphs I was expecting an article about Libby’s pardon, then it just turned into a big list of Bill and Hillary’s past injustices.
    Why Bill got in so much trouble for lying about having a sexual affair is absolutely beyond me. But that’s not the point! Bill isn’t president, neither is Hillary. Bush is the president, and his pardon of Libby needs to be examined from a nuanced legal and democratic philosophical perspective, rather than excused on account of past presidents’ pardons being equally questionable. I really do wish that potentially legitimate criticisms of bush weren’t so often “countered” by lists of why Bill Clinton isn’t a good guy. All such things accomplish is a sum lowering of the level of discussion. Cheers!

  17. Jared,

    Clinton didn’t get into “so much trouble” for lying about a sexual affair you moron. Clinton was being sued by Paula Jones for sexual harassment and “obstructed justice” by convincing Monica Lewinski to lie about it.

    The hypocrisy you people embrace never ends!

    Clinton’s prosecution was bipartisan. His transgressions so egregious, the Supreme Court unanimously turned its back on him during a presidential address.

    Libby’s prosecution on the other hand, was strictly partisan, and the prosecutor Fitzgerald was intent not on “justice”, but in getting the Bush administration.

    Even David Boies, the noted lawyer and Clinton hack who successfully prosecuted Microsoft, stated it was ridiculous that Libby could be convicted for “obstructing justice” in a crime which never happened.

  18. In the business world, not atrohus, professors or entertainers.Carly Fiorina was a complete failure when she ran HP. She was fired.Besides how could she be labeled as a feminist when she was on McCains economic advisory team in 2008.Holly, I did look before posting this question and did see the same web page. Since it was paid advertisment, I left it out.

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