As a manufacturer of handguns, there is no news report more disturbing than to hear some lunatic has gone on a rampage and killed scores of fellow citizens.   Sensitive that such an event immediately emboldens and encourages leftists to renew their tenacious assaults against law abiding citizens and gun ownership, no incident could be more dangerous to the 2nd Amendment and more likely to elevate government tyranny over liberty.

Giddy Democrats will have a party to develop talking points.   Michael Moore and Sarah Brady will be invited.   Gun nuts, gun culture, evil gun lobby, the NRA   Speeches will be sprinkled with the malicious vernacular designed to quell opposition or any factual debate.   The endless recollection of horrendous stories from families who lost loved ones will inundate the festivities, but these people will be discarded as soon as Democrats sufficiently rile their base.  

Emotion will permeate every assertion, but very important facts will be left out.    

They won’t mention how Australia’s gun ban and England’s ban have increased crime in both countries.

They won’t mention how the Sudanese government made gun laws which enabled only Muslims to obtain arms promoting the genocide in Darfur today.  

They won’t mention how registration laws enacted by the Weimar Republic made it easier for Hitler to control the population and ultimately restrict all Jews from gun ownership.

They won’t mention that total gun control was implemented in China immediately after the communists took power in 1949.

They won’t mention how Stalin exterminated tens of millions after instituting gun controls in Russia in 1929.

They won’t mention that similar exterminations took place in Uganda, Turkey, Guatemala, and Cambodia, all after implementing gun controls.

They’ll tell us that most homicides are committed with guns, and in the United States, the Justice Department reports 7 homicides in 100,000 persons per year, but they won’t tell you Finland and Israel have much fewer restrictions on gun ownership than does the United States and in Finland there are 2.9 homicides per 100K, and in Israel 1.4.   In Switzerland, where gun ownership is practically mandatory there are 2.7 homicides per 100K.

Brazil has 19 homicides per 100,000 persons with much stricter gun controls than here in the U.S., but they won’t mention that either.

They won’t mention that an armed populace could very likely have made Monday’s death toll 3 instead of 33.   They won’t mention it because they don’t care.   Death is their lever, and it is not their lever to make us safer, it is their lever to make us more dependent upon a government of their design.

When more gun controls are implemented, when fewer citizens are able to protect themselves, and when our next tragedy devours 333 lives, American leftists will only call for more gun controls.   Those 333 lost souls?

Liberals will assign blame to supporters of the 2nd Amendment.  

As for the tragedy at Virginia Tech on Monday what words could suffice?

My feeble offering May God be with you Rest in Peace.

Copyright 2007 Jim Pontillo

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  1. Very informative. I also am sorry for the loss of so many lives. The campus police could have possibly made a difference. Were they armed?

  2. I am a victim of the Columbine Massacre, and most recently knew families related to the Bailey shooting. I am a prouod liberal, and STRONGLY oppose the NRA and gun ownership of any kind. Please remove me from your email list and stop sending me your missaligned propaganda. Until you walk in my shoes…..

  3. The above is true! I believe that we should all be able to carry our protection on us at all times, legally.
    I think people would think twice before comitting crimes. For example, I would much rather shoot a person for Raping my wife then have them sit in jail while I pay for it.
    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people!
    Religion is worse than a gun, aren’t most wars fought over religion?

  4. Very good information to pass on to friends and family. It’s amazing how we will sit and allow our constitutional rights to be eroded little by little. Those of us who truly are conservative and God fearing better start speaking out before our voices are completely silenced! Am forwarding to my email list.

  5. As an Englishman I question the comment on the gun law ban being a factor in the growth of crime.
    Crime in the UK has grown due to poor government decions on social issues for young people at both national and local level. The number of gun related incidents has grown statistically because there were almost none in the past, however the level is actually very low in comparison to other countries.
    I will comment though that the English as a people have been historicaly controlled by barons and governments and have never had a revolution why? because those people controlled the guns and therfore the finances.

  6. I am torn on the entire issue at hand, gun control is not the issue, in fact I believe the reverse is true. I don’t believe that everyone should just be able to carry guns around, that seems way too dangerous for our road raged America. However, good people making laws that would support heavier punishment of current gun law violations, could be a possible band-aid. But just that a temporary fix. We as a free nation can never be expected to stop mad-men from killing people, not in our malls, our schools however unfortunate, there are people that want to hurt people. Its becoming a cultural issue of the worth of the life of another. Im teaching my kids the right and wrong of life, I can’t say that Mom’s and Dad’s are doing the same, therefore I carry my 40cal everywhere I go, hopefully I will never need it. God Bless America

    Bill H.

  7. Yes, the anti-gun nazis are going to be all over this latest incident. That was to be expected. That doesnt change the fact that it’s pathetic to use a terrible situation for politics though.

    I think the real problem is that even if folks were armed, they’d be so paranoid of a lawsuit or jail that they’d not take the shot anyway.

    The only way to ever completely solve the gun ownership situation is to completely rid this country of the socialist left…

  8. Yes – there will be a backlash by the anti-gun politicians over this issue. That’s expected.
    There will be greater pressure to ban all guns, than ever before.
    But ultimately, the only way to truly prevent these kinds of attacks is to allow and encourage (and train) everyone to carry a weapon, not that it will ever happen.
    “they never make these sort of attacks on police stations, do they?”
    (looks like you struck a nerve with this column)

  9. Please do us a favor & don’t let Saki Mike sing anymore. That was hard to listen to. Good attempt at a pod-cast though. My heart goes out to all those at V.Tech. Guns have been with us since the Wild Wild West & they are here to stay. It is just tough to keep them out of the wrong peoples hands. Anyway, good stuff….Pedro

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