8 Crackheads

To compare the ideas and philosophies of liberalism and conservatism in a most simplistic manner, it is often said that conservatives venture for equity in opportunity and liberals endeavor to guarantee equity in outcome.

That doesn’t fly with the constituents of liberalism, however, and the explanation most definitely emanates from a conservative mind.

The liberal assertion is, if there was equity in opportunity there would be equity in outcome.   Talent and effort be damned.

Since there certainly is not equity in outcome, they need to fix it.   It of course, is the tax code which determines how much government can legally steal from its citizens.  

Since America has many losers willing to stand with the weight of democracy behind their favorite government mobsters, uninitiated and uninterested in embracing American culture for their own benefit, they happily sit and endure the vicarious thrill when their chosen thugs plead to get the rich.

Like crackheads after the elusive high, these voters are immediately oblivious of their folly and definitively have caused there situation to be that much more dire.   Once armed with their vote, the Democrat politician is on to pursue his own drug like a pimp discarding his used up whore.

The Democrat politician’s drug of choice is power, and acquiring it at any cost is his demon.   Unfortunately, it is the American people who pay.

Patronizing their constituency and feigning concern, Democratic presidential candidates continually invoke fair and fairness in obsequious sales pitches demonstrating not even a hint of guilt or remorse.   Fairness is of course defined as, take from the rich, give to the poor.

You have to wonder if they have ever tried to match up their rhetoric with historical fact.

Social Security is an insolvent fiscal disaster.

Great Society policies promised to elevate the poor, instead, indentured generations to government support, and destroyed families by distributing benefits more generously to single parent homes motivating families to split.  

Blacks have been hardest hit.   Wonder why African-Americans make up a disproportional population in U.S. prisons?   Jesse and Al will tell you white racism, but their wrong, the culprit is white stupidity.

As for taxes, there is nothing more despicable than encouraging their increase.  

Even if you’re a poor moron you could figure out raising taxes is bad.   Here’s a question, now this is only for the poor morons if I take more of the money you earn the harder you work, are you going to work harder or less hard?   If you said harder you’re not a poor moron, you’re retarded.    

Nobody wants to give away their money no matter how wealthy they are, and when they do decide to embrace philanthropic pursuits they want to do it on their terms not by government’s decree.

So what happens when taxes are raised?  

The hard working talented people who are keeping this economy going by creating jobs, providing tax revenue, developing new technology, making new inventions, and giving managers and workers opportunities to increase their skills and their value, are motivated not to do it anymore.  

The more government taxes, the more negative motivation.  

Government revenue goes down.

Unemployment goes up.

Poor people are hurt the worst.

So the next time you see 8 Democrats on television debating issues in an effort to obtain the highest office of the land, remember, crack is an addictive and debilitating substance.

The only thing worse than that is power.


Copyright 2007 Jim Pontillo

9 thoughts on “8 Crackheads

  1. Great read. You have hit the nail on the head. What is it about liberals that they are to dense to see the logic in those statements.

  2. Use should substitute the term “liberal” for their real name: socialist. Every single Democrat presidential candidate is running on a platform based on socialist policies: government and politicians as great philanthropists who will save the little people from themselves. To them, big government can be good government, with the right people in power: benevolent authoritarianism can not only work, but has the potiential to save humanity and return it to the Garden of Eden. In our lifetime. It’s just a matter of will, and the right persion to wield the power.

    America has moved radically from a liberal democracy to a social one. And I am pessimistic that this trend will ever reverse itself simply because the elites (political and business calss, journalists, and academia, etc) have bought into socialism lite. Just look at the illegal immigration debate. Amnesty is coming, just a matter of time.

  3. In your addiction to blindly criticizing liberals, you have conveniently ignored the facts of the past 6 1/2 years, during which the power-hungry “conservatives” have not only robbed the coffers blind, but have also subverted the Constitution in an attempt to steal future elections and remain in power “for a generation.”

    Wake up, Crackhead!

  4. The blacks have been hardest hit?
    Well, under the so called great Ronald Regan and his amnesty for 3 million ilegal aliens, this is one thing that happened.
    In 1986 the blacks has most of the service type jobs in the hotel industry in S. Calif., pay scale union was a bit over $12.00 per hour. Amnesty for the ilegals was cheered.
    At the end of 1987 the ilegal mexicians had the jobs, the pay scale was $7.00 per hour, no benfits and the blacks were unemployed.
    As I recall Ronald Regan all so broke the backs of the unions of the united states by firing the air traffic controlers and replacing same with newly trained workers, don’t know if they were illegal aliens or not, but the ones who struck lost thier jobs and the american middle class has been sinking like a rock ever since.
    Under both parties illegal aliens have more rights than the citizens born here, both parties are really COMMUNIST, LAW BREAKERS WHO DESERVE TO BE ARRESTED AND TRIED FOR TREASON EVERY DAY AND EACH AND EVERY ONE BREAK THEIR OATH OF OFFICE EVERY DAY.



  5. Your comments are partially correct. But, you link the liberals/socialists to the tax sitatuion. Oh, those conservative politicians are right there in the mix nowadays.

    And taxes are only the beginning!

    Those increased taxes WILL happen no matter who is in charge.
    Why? Add 12 million ILLEGAL customers and their future off-spring to our benefit system.

    Check out the hispanic neighborhoods in your cities. Are they prosperous? Are they becoming Americanized with their language? No and no.
    And they create babies (non english speaking) at the speed of Al and Jesse seeking camera time.

    Our American culture and taxes are going down the toilet because politicians desire the hablo espanol vote. BOTH SIDES of the fence disgust me.

    In 50 years there will be state (Texas possibly) leave our union or have a Spanish as primary language law. Why? Because those same illegal and their offspring will have the political might to dictate political actions, not just influence the vote as they do now.

  6. Enough is enough! When is the American public going to wake up and throw these guys out of office!!!!!? No, not just some of them – ALL of them! Yes, even your favorites. Throw them out – let’s get some people in there that haven’t partaken of the Washington DC water. They just don’t get it!! Democrats – Republicans – they are ALL to blame. Everyone says ok, but lets not get rid of “so and so”. Yes, let’s do! ALL OF THEM! What kind of people continue to do what Congress has done in the past five years? Are they responding to the American people? Of course not – and it’s getting worse. If we continue to simply sit on our rear ends and let them do as they damn well please, ie, the interests of the lobbyists, big business, big government, etc., we have no one to blame but ourselves – and we will continue to pay the bill. The “we don’t care what the public thinks” attitude is getting bigger and bolder every week in Washington. They truly believe they know far better than the American people what is good for us. This immigration and/or energy fiasco is only the tip of the iceberg. This is only going to get worse folks – and if you can’t see that – you’re not paying attention. Send them home to live under what they have created out here. Send them ALL home!!!!!

  7. When Bill Clinton was in office he signed Presidential Directive #60 which orders our military to absorb the first nuclear strike from the enemy. George Bush has not rescinded that directive. I believe that from the day Clinton went into office that all members of Congress are traitors of this country. Clinton allowed China to steal or be given enough nuclear secrets to bring them on par with the US. Prior to that, China was 50 years behind us in nuclear capability. Also, anyone with common sense knows that Russia and China are allies and are waiting for their opportunity to strike the US. If we are truly in a war on terror, the first thing to do would be to close our borders and build a concrete fence between the US and Mexico and station our military around the perimeter of the United States! But, George Bush’s real intentions are to turn the US, Mexico, and Canada into a North American Union as in European Economic Union. Does that not smack of treason when one’s actions are to do all possible to dissolve the sovreignty to the US?

  8. Responding to the premise it is conservatives who have sought to keep themselves in power through subverting the Constitution, you confuse those who call themselves conservatives or Republicans in name only (heard the term RINO?) with those who ARE conservative and for a Republic as founded, not democracy as warned against by ALL the founding fathers.

    There is a reason daddy Bush and “Cigar” Clinton are portrayed as best buddies these days and working on the same socialist team. That reason is because they always WERE. There is a reason you can’t tell the Republican party from the Democratic party anymore, and that is because there is NO difference anymore. It is the elitists running the country, whose plan for us is exactly the same, but for somewhat differing reasons.

    Once we allowed these bozos to depart from a Constitutional Republic in the slightest way, the downhill slide began. They found out they could do it if they couched it in emotional terms. The more they were able to pass such laws, the better able they were to do it again in more ways.

    To the guy who thinks Ronald Reagan was wrong to fire the controllers, get a clue fella. Government unions, as well as nurse unions, have in their union contracts a clause which forbids them to strike. Their services are essential to the health and welfare of the communities. They are public trusts. Hence, the controllers KNEW when they struck, it was a firing offense. They did it anyway. Reagan called their bluff. Too bad.

    The gentleman who has keyed in on liberality becoming socialism is nearly right. He’s wrong in saying we went from a liberal democracy to a socialist one. Sorry. Wrong on that. We went from a Republic of sovereign states joined in a compact with strict limitations on federal government, to a federal government which runs it all. THEN beginning with FDR, we went from a ruling federal government to a ruling socialist government under the guise of “democracy” .

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