Get In the Peace Pool

This could be better than the Super Bowl!  

You put in a hundred bucks and buy one of my squares and you might be the lucky visitor who wins ten grand.   All you’ve got to do is guess how many days will pass following this historic summit in Maryland before insurgents start hurling missiles into Israeli territory after the Israelis give up land captured in the six day war.

After living half a year in Israel when I was a kid, I’ll reiterate a soft spot I have in my heart for that most trusted and intimate American ally.

For the history revisionists who like to deride Israel for her aggressive and unprovoked action on June 5, 1967 here is a little recap of actions the world witnessed just prior to the war:

Egypt expelled a United Nations peace keeping force from the Sinai Peninsula (it had been there for a decade), then built up forces at the border comprised of 1000 tanks and 100,000 soldiers.   Additionally, Egypt blocked all ships flying the Star of David from sailing through the Straits of Tiran.   (Look at a map, Israel doesn’t have too many choices when it comes to naval travel!)  

Quarreling over water resources since 1964 with Syria and Jordan where these states had attempted to divert water flow from Israel to be used solely by Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, the tension had peaked where Syria signed a treaty with Egypt (encouraged by the Soviet Union) promising to enter war with Israel if she attacked Syria.

Responding to a mine attack which killed Israeli soldiers patrolling the Jordan border, Israel attacked a Jordanian stronghold in the West Bank believed to harbor Syrian terrorists who had consistently carried out attacks on Israel.   The weak King Hussein of Jordan subsequently mobilized his forces due to political pressure.

Syria had periodically shelled Israeli settlements from the Golan Heights over property disputes in the region, killing Israeli citizens.

In a speech, in late May of 1967, Egypt’s President Nasser proclaimed, If Israel proceeds with aggression toward Syria or Egypt the battle will not be confined to specific spots at the border our objective will be the destruction of Israel.”

Surrounded by hostile forces bent on her destruction, Israel initiated attacks first on Egypt’s Air Force (the greatest threat to Israel’s security) decimating it, and next neutralized the threats to the east and north.   After six days, Israel captured territories of the Golan Heights (in Syria), the West Bank (in Jordan), Gaza (on the Mediterranean controlled by Egypt), and all of  the Sinai desert (Egypt).

Egypt did sign a peace treaty in 1979 for return of the Sinai, however, their posture prior to the treaty was more conciliatory than that of Syria, and these territories were less important militarily to Israel’s security, making it easier for Israel to give up these lands, although I don’t think I would have.

Whiny Americans who complain we shouldn’t protect the world and we shouldn’t be in Iraq, are the same ones who say Israel ought to give back all their captured territories.

And we should give back Texas!

Capitulation to aggressors has never demonstrated itself a good strategy to obtain peace.   How this generation expects that everything which has failed in the past will prove successful today escapes me.

I have a very difficult time believing this administration is going to have any better luck in Middle East peace, than the administrations of Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, or Clinton.   But that’s the difference between a little businessman and a politician.   If I fail I lose my business, when politicians fail, they just get better jobs.

One strategy which has always proven effective throughout history and has always resulted in the intended goals has been total and unconditional victory.   For the doubters, one might  analyze the relationship the U.S. has with Japan.

If you want a hint to win our little pool: the last time Israel gave up territory for peace (Gaza) it only took two weeks for missiles to start flying; my bet is 14 would be a good square.

Sorry, that one’s already taken.


Copyright 2007 Jim Pontillo

27 thoughts on “Get In the Peace Pool

  1. Grandma,

    Don’t trust Jimmy’s pick he’s been known to be wrong (well, not really but his head is big enough) OK.
    One more thing, don’t tell dealer girl about the squares.

  2. Pontillo is correct. Israel is the one being attacked and we should stop supporting the Palestinians and the other terriorist organizations. After all if they aren’t attacking Israel they will attack someone else. It’s all they know.

  3. i’ve never evern read so much hypocratic crap on one single page…
    get your ass over to the gaza strip and experience how real terror looks like.

    You guys are living in denial!

  4. If that’s the case, Roger, why has Israel killed so many times more Palestinian civilians than the other way around?

    Israel should give back the “captured” (read: “stolen”) territory because they have no right to it, any more than Saddam had a right to conquer Kuwait.

  5. What are you two morons talking about? Are you tellin me all the Arabs didin’t attack Israel in 1948 upon its independence? Unprovoked! Are you tellin me the Arabs were not going to try to annihilate (spell check) Israel in the six day war when they all got their asses kicked?

    Why doesn’t Ron explain why terrorists launched missiles into Israel after Gaza was given back-FOR PEACE! If Israel is as bad as you say why don’t they turn off all the water and power to the region, which is supplied by Israel.

    As for Palle, what the hell is hypocratic? Are you studying to be a doctor?

  6. Agreed on all points with the author except for one thing: Israel captured the Sinai but not the Negev which they already possessed pre-’67. Naturally they couldn’t give it back. The Negev is north and east of the Sinai peninsula.

    One more point. No country on earth or any extra-governmental agency has any right dictating the laws of any sovereign state, including immigration policy. The attack on Israel’s sovereignty is not only military and historical revision, it is the insistence of denying Israel’s sovereignty and therefore existence every time the subject of re-settling Arab Palestinians inside Israel’s borders comes up.

    Groups and agencies that attack the sovereign right of states to make their own laws are common these days and include the rights of a free press (Denmark and the cartoons), freedom of expression (Salman Rushdie et al), freedom of conscience (execution of people for practising their own faiths) and many other freedoms we hold dear. Israel is the canary in the coal mine. Ask yourself not if she has a right to exist but do you have a right to exist in a free society, to make your own laws? If you believe so, support that right by supporting Israel.

  7. You would think after living there the author would have recalled the locatioin of the Negev Desert (north of Eliat, still part of Isreal).

    I visited it for crying out loud–Knucklehead!  I think Alzheimers may be setting in. 

    Anyway, thanks for the correction Abu…I’ll fix it.

    As for Nudnik…don’t you want to give us your real name?

    I still know what a nudnik is.

  8. Jim,
    I’m new here and really enjoying these letters. As long as your spelling the truth there can be no stronger medicine for an ailing nation such as ours is. On Israel…I love my country but if our government turns their back on Israel I’ll be marching on Washington with arms. The nice part will be that I won’t be alone. Oh yea a new pistol would be nice to have. :>)
    R. A. Vincent

  9. Hey Ron Boy:

    Read your “missive” and guess what?

    Your I.Q. just dropped from the single digits to minus 0- YOU DO NOT KNOW MID EAST HISTORY PAL!

    By the way, what state do you live in? The reason I ask? Their collective IQ’s (with your included) 100 points!

    As proven by your astoundingly STUPID RESPONSE, YOU MUST BE A LIBERAL!!!


  10. man, if i could, id exterminate every muslim on this earth, burn every mosque an qu’ran… why? cos thier religion… islam… preaches the same towards us. Self preservation i say. LONG LIVE ISRAEL LONG LIVE THE US OF A!

  11. Capitulation to aggressors? I believe that Iraq capitulated to our aggression after we invaded it. As far as learning from past mistakes is concerned, why don’t you learn from Vietnam, or any of the other guerrilla wars in history. Napolean in Spain. Rome in Germania. The United States during its own revolution. The Soviet Union in Afganistan. These types of conflicts can only be resolved through a level of barbarism which the United States is unwilling, and unable to employ. You wanna talk history. Read up on it first.

  12. By the way, how are all of you neo-con’s liking the numerous scandal’s involved with your party as of late. I’m lovin it! Especially the one convicted of child molestation. My favorite. At least Clinton cheated on his wife with a CONSENTING ADULT!

  13. Oh I forgot. As far as Israel is concerned, imagine for a moment that the government came to your house and told you that your land that you bought and paid for “REALLY” belonged to native american indians who lived there hundreds of years ago. That’s pretty much what happened to the Arabs 50 odd years ago. You can lie and argue all you want, but there is no arguing around that fact.

  14. I love your Teddy Rosevelt quote. It’s proof you know nothing about history. He was VERY LIBERAL. So liberal in fact, that in 1912 he left the Republician party and ran for president in the Bull Moose party, which was radically liberal. He loved all the things you despise. You know like taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Oh and he was an enviromental activist. You know those people you call names. He started the national park service. He limited big business and busted monopolies. He also spoke highly of Eugene Debs, who was the SOCIALIST PARTY CANIDATE FOR PRESIDENT. Still want to quote him? I’m an extreme liberal and I love him!

  15. David,


    The Jews in Israel haven’t been in that locale for millennia?…read up bucky! Anyway, by that logic we give back Texas! Which some liberals think is a good idea also.

    As for the barbarism required to win wars, you’re right, we shouldn’t fight unless we are willing to win them, if we fought to win like they do no one would ever challenge us and there would be peace.

    Finally, invoking Clinton’s transgressions to ridicule Republicans is like using Hitler to chastise Mother Teresa!

  16. As for TR David,

    He is a favorite of mine as well; however, he did not leave the Republican party. He lost the Primary to Taft after Taft had already served as President one term. TR enthusiastically supported his candidacy four years earlier by the way.

    And for all the propaganda Taft actually did more as a trust regulator than TR did, although not in such extroverted fashion.

    TR embraced the Bull Moose Party splitting the Republican vote handing Woodrow Wilson the presidency over Taft, and Wilson was a disaster.

    If you know so much about TR, you know that he thought “War was good for our country”, and he was a leader in promoting the Spanish-American War, purely a liberal position…Right?!

    By the way, I never call people who want to protect our environment names, only idiots who embrace ridiculous superstitions like “Global Warming” with little or no scientific fact behind them. No way TR would embrace the voodoo science you clowns promote to advance a political agenda.

    As liberal as TR was for his time, he was a staunch patriot. Why don’t you check the income tax rates in the early 1900’s under TR (before TR income tax, did not even exist) which rocketed under Wilson, and see what happened to our economy when Coolidge lowered them all…genius.

  17. You’re an idiot. Google Bull Moose. If you can read you’ll find out about TR. Also, in 1912 he ran against Taft because he was upset about his conservative stands. He had hand picked him to be his successor, but was not happy with his first term. He then ran as a Bull Moose after losing the primary.

  18. As for the Spanish Amerian War, it has been PROVEN BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that American newspapers lied about the Maine being sabotaged. It blew up because of a boiler failure. The newspapers said the Spanish attacked it. TR was not in a position of power to have known about it. If you’ll remember, he negoitated peace between the Japanese and the Russians, earning him a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. As for war, I’m not against it as long as its justified. It’s preemptively invading people that bothers me. It is totally UNPATRIOTIC AND UMAMERICAN. NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES HAVE WE AS A COUNTRY PREEMPTIVLEY INVADED A COUNTRY.


  20. David,

    You need to take a chill pill.

    For the record, with a “C” was already taken.

    FDR’s policies of destroying thousands of pigs (to drive up prices) and monkeying with the sugar market caused many Americans to go hungry and the price of sugar to be far higher than in other industrialized nations…even to this day.

    First we had the decade called the roaring twenties, a time of unparalleled prosperity under the stewardship of Coolidge, then Hoover made some bad decisions to make a recession worse than it needed to be, but it took FDR’s disastorous policy making to turn it into the Great Depression.

    “THAT’S WHY I WORRY WHEN THEY HAVE NOTHING TO EAT AND NO MEDICAL CARE…” Dude, worrying doesn’t feed people or provide medical care; sound fiscal policies do. The difference between a liberal and a conservative is, a liberal will feel sorry for starving people, but they still starve. Conservatives won’t cry about it, but will make policies which will help people acquire food for themselves.

    As for medical care, if you want it affordable, let private enterprise handle it and it will become affordable, let the government meddle and it will not.

    4$ for prescriptions at Wal-Mart!–I suppose you think that’s evil too.

    My wife just took my kids to Costco for eye exams for 45$ because it was less than we would pay at Kaiser Health Care–where we ALREADY pay for health coverage.

    We could go round and round with TR disagreements–he organized the Rough Riders and was the first one up Kettle Hill, guns a blaring…and they call George W. a “Cowboy”.

    As for our boys getting killed in the “SANDBOX”, I was in the military and know firsthand men and women in the armed services want to win and will every time if their efforts aren’t sabotaged by liberal policy here at home.

    Finally, I never said you weren’t a patriot David, I just suggested you exhibit immature thinking where feelings trump sound fiscal judgments.

    One more thing Dave, even Kennedy realized lowering taxes helped our economy.

  21. “but it took FDR’s disastorous policy making to turn it into the Great Depression.”
    Where I’m from we just call that a lie. The great depression started in 1929. FDR was elected in 1932! Three years after the depression began the biggest topic debated by the presidential hopefuls in 1932 was the depression. FDR didn’t start it. Hoover was elected in 1928, and it started one year after his election. Hard as a you try, you can’t spin that fact. As far as the destruction of pigs, cotton, and other things FDR had little choice. If you have any understanding of the Free Market, and Kensyian schools of thought, you will know that although they disagree about almost everything, they agree that in order to end a depression, you have to let the market work itself out. It’s known as “riding the wave” in modern jargon. It is true that riding the wave would have repaired the economy, but the problem was it would take a long time, and the people who were starving to death couldn’t wait. Desperate times. That’s why the “brain trust” decided to drive up prices by any means possible. Before you blame FDR for this, bear in mind that the brain trust was comprised of both liberals and conservatives. They were pretty much the smartest people in the country, and they did the best that they could. They made some mistakes, but they were not liberal mistakes. They were bipartisian mistakes. Also, it is pretty much universally agreed by educated economists that FDR’s first act as president helped end the depression. Do you know what he did? He declared a bank holiday and while the banks were closed, started the FDIC. After the bank holiday, people started using the banks again instead of putting their money under their beds. The only reason that they used the banks again is the government guaranteed their deposits. That act alone helped a great deal, and it was again decided upon by a bipartisian committee.

  22. Do you know what started the great depression? I would not dane to blame any political party. The chief cause of the depresion was people borrowing money to buy stock. If the business they bought a piece of went under so did they. Then it effected the banks they borrowed from. The banks went under and took people’s life savings with them. People who are broke can’t buy things so a lot of companies went under because of that. There are other reasons, like the reintroduction of the gold standard by the British, and the reparations we forced Germany to pay after WWI, but that is the main reason. As much as I would love to blame Coolidge or Hoover for starting it I can’t. But, as I mentioned below, it certainly can’t be blamed on FDR. The depression started in 1929. He became president in 1932. What I can blame Hoover for is not fixing it once it started. All he had to do was federally insure people’s bank deposits, and they would have used the banks again. Hoover wouldn’t do that because he was afraid of too much government control. That really bugs me. If something is controlled privately, then some CEO controls it, not me. If the government controls it, then I control it because I am the government. So are you. So are all the citizens of the U.S. Why can’t you let stuff be controlled by the people. Every four years there would be a new set of people to represent our control. So, some years, conservative interests would be upheld, and other years progressive interests would be upheld. Seems fair to me. If government control is so bad, then why hasn’t anyone tried to get rid of the FDIC? Because it works.

  23. By the way:
    I apologize for becoming too heated.
    The one thing I agree with you about is my need to “chill out.” I hope that you will accept my apology. I also appreciate your service to this country. Don’t think that all liberal people hate the military. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for the sacrifces of the men and women of the armed services. I simply want to know without any doubt that their sacrifices are for a just and worthy cause. If I sometimes get too heated it is because I love this country and I am passionate about what I think is best for it. In the future I will keep my cool, but never let it be said that I am unpatriotic because I disagree. If Americans never dissented we would still be flying the Union Jack.

  24. David,

    The stock market crashed and started a bad recession in 1929, the worst years of the depression were the mid 1930’s after FDR had been able to apply some of his earliest policies.

    As for destroying pigs, you don’t need to think about it very hard, people are hungry, pigs feed people, give them the pigs. Liberals love to suggest the economy is complicated and our country’s social problems are complicated and conservatives are just dolts who cannot understand the complexities of our time. I know guys with MBA’s who are terrible businessmen and they think they are smarter than everyone else, meanwhile, my barely graduated high school buddy who runs a small business with nothing more than common sense makes ten times more money than MBA guy.

    Any time some politician says “complex” or “complexities” you can be sure he is lying to you, and obfuscating his real goal—socialism (government control).

    As far as FDR and FDIC is concerned, we can point to any of our presidents and find some good or bad in their policies (I think Jimmy Carter may be an exception), the point is what ideologies do they represent in a broad manner and want to promulgate, and do these ideologies secure freedom or do they subjugate freedom.

    Conservatism (not Republicanism—No one is more disappointed with George W. Bush, or our Governor here in California than real conservatives) is the ideology that most attempts to protect the legacy of freedom and liberty set down by our Founders—not liberalism. You never hear conservatives refer to the Constitution as a “living document” or “outmoded” only leading scholars from liberal or progressive persuasion.

    Finally, you are victim to the liberal propaganda which suggests CEOs are big all controlling evil despots who can set policy and control the population at their whim. CEOs in a truly capitalist society are the biggest slaves of the planet. They are enslaved to the whims of the market—to you and me. Government’s task must be to insure the free market works so these CEO’s do continue to answer to “We the People” by providing the goods and services that we want. It is when government meddles through subsidies and arbitrary controls that allows (or demands) CEO’s to sidestep the consumer—and court the politicians who control these policies, which encourages corruption.

    Remember, bureaucracies are not rewarded by solving problems; they reward themselves by promoting themselves which they can only do by finding new problems which gives reason for their existence.

    Suggesting you and I have some sort of control when our representatives happen to be in power is naïve, we have control when we get what we want by controlling prices in the market through our pocketbooks.

    If you really think these big CEO’s have all this power and control, how have GM and Ford, stalwarts of their industries been taken over by a little shit like Toyota who didn’t even ship their first car here until the mid 1950’s?

    Freedom and Liberty are conservative concepts and will never be outmoded. (Check out this week’s column on Friday for more on this.) Liberal concepts are concepts which suggest government can decide for you and I better than we can decide for ourselves and these ideologies can only evolve to communism and totalitarian government control.

    Best Wishes,


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