A Different Kind of Racist

When Chris Matthews angrily proclaimed he was F___ing sick of Southern Ranch Owners running this country , he was summarily bleeped off the Don Imus show (When Imus had a show.) no one worse for wear, and no one any wiser.   Imus probably would have been smarter to have let that F-bomb through and have censored a now more famous nappy-headed comment, but who ever said liberals were smart?

If you look at a map of the United States, where red represents the states that voted for a Republican and blue a Democrat, you’ll find the whole country is red, except for a few New England States, the left coast, and a couple northern mid western states with large population centers.

Basically, the break down segregates those who want government handouts and those liberal multi-millionaire elitists (who’ve had to toil little to obtain their wealth) from the rest of the United States made up of down to earth hardworking Americans; also known as “rednecks”.

It’s not easy being a redneck and living in California either.   Even living in Orange County, a conservative bastion, liberalism’s poison permeates this State, and because of it, California has one of the least friendly business atmospheres in the Union.  

In spite of this, commercial real estate and California’s economy is still quite strong even though our politicians are doing everything possible to destroy it.   Certainly they will succeed sooner or later.    Communism didn’t work in the Soviet Union nor in Eastern Europe and it won’t work here.    The sooner the rest of the nation can see Democrat policies reach their conclusion the better.  

While Chris Matthews’ disdain for tax-hating Americans who vote for Southern Ranch Owners is spun to show he is only intent on expressing his compassion and understanding for those unfortunate soles at the bottom of the economic spectrum, the spin, as articulate as it might be, can’t assuage his true feelings.   What Chris Matthews is sick of, is hardworking Americans like truck drivers, steel workers, construction workers, nurses, doctors, small business owners  (and maybe even one certain plastic manufacturing entrepreneur) who enthusiastically promote specific political policies through their votes.

Being sick of Southern Ranch Owners who run this country is being sick of champions who take up the cause of hardworking America.   It’s nice that Chris Matthews makes millions and he won’t seem to mind a tax increase from 35 to 40 percent when other than a Southern Ranch Owner takes up residence in the White House.  

Meanwhile, the real job producers, those aggressive small business owners who work eighty hours a week running a small retail store or a small manufacturing firm and who employ a score or two of workers are greedy because they make two or three hundred thousand dollars a year, and don’t want their taxes to go up when they can barely afford a decent house in California.

It is just too bad that these dumb Americans have to work so hard for their dough.  

In elitist circles, these are backward uneducated citizens who don’t deserve the millions bestowed upon the wise and educated TV journalists, actors, and actresses that promote leftist policy.   And besides, that’s what they get for being rednecks.    

You don’t have to be prejudiced against Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Women or any other minority group to be a racist.    Prejudice against hard working Americans by the elite who believe slothful and tyrannical bureaucrats are better equipped to spend money they didn’t earn than the people who earned it qualifies  for racist.

Chris Matthews isn’t really  sick of Southern Ranch Owners , he’s sick of hard-working Americans choosing our President.

Copyright 2007 Jim Pontillo

5 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Racist

  1. Isn’t that a fact Jim, awesome!!, I am Californian that is working in Singapore friend of your brother in law Kenny Schmidt. I voted for you good luck!!

  2. I think I’m finally getting to know my brother-in-law!!!
    A few months ago I called Jim and asked him if he would consider sponsoring my son’s baseball team. He said yes. Formykountry.com was the name he chose to put on our team banner. A few days ago Jim called me and told me that he had been nominated for the BLOG awards. He asked me to promote formykountry.com in my community. There’s always a price to pay!! No free hand outs here!! Huh Jim! I had read some of his articles in the past, but thought I better really get into this before I promote it. I like what I’m reading!! I admit I have to read most things at least twice to understand them. I’ve had to google a few names to even know who he’s talking about (Chuck Schumer – what an ass). I do know who Barbra Boxer is, only because I dream of the day she passes. I’m starting to understand his message. Before I though he was just another angry American, trying to pick a political fight. I’ve heard him talk about our founding fathers and that this country is not on the path they set forth, the RIGHT path. I agree with you Jim, I just didn’t know it. In BLOG #24 Jim writes, “greatness is defined by excellence, accomplishment, and the arduous effort which moves mankind emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and sometimes even monetarily.” He not only writes it, he lives it!! I think his sponsorship help inspire 12 young men to achieve perfection. The Orangecrest Pony Twins went 18-0 and looked GOOD doing it. Thanks for the jackets and your support Jim!!! You are the greatest!!!

  3. The problem is that hard working Americans are always going to get the short end of the stick. People that don’t work act as if they are owed something. Our system is flawed. The government wants to help those who can’t work, but if you say, hey we will help you, a butt load of lazy people think they are also entitled. We need to cut off these people at the knees. I don’t what the answer is. Liberal intentions are good but just don’t work.

    P.s. I voted for you also.

  4. do you sell anything on this website…………..its hard to tell.
    is it guns or political opinion???
    I’ll take one of each!
    keep on keepin on!!

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