According to DumbO

While Olympic athletes were arriving at newly constructed and massively expansive airport terminals, without air conditioning, in sweltering heat, Barack Obama complained that American businesses would be enthusiastic to move their operations to China because that country’s infrastructure is superior and has surpassed ours.

Meanwhile, American athletes wore special masks because the smog in Beijing is so bad that those not acclimated to it have breathing problems.

Even if American companies were all clamoring to leave the decrepit and crumbling United States, one might ask how it is that China has developed such a powerful economy after its long ignoble history as a third world nation.

Though China has finally come into the twentieth century, economically, it still maintains draconian policies stifling freedom Americans take for granted.   That aside, what has China done to be considered by our brilliant Democratic nominee for president, superior to the United States?

China has developed its wealth by embracing an economic model based on market principles, subjugating those centrally controlled bureaucratic tendencies that kept China in the Stone Age for so long under Mao, and which saw the Soviet Union collapse.

While China evolves into a modern nation embracing free market principles and Russia reasserts its dominance as a super power shifting its economy to one based on markets where citizens pay the government through an uncomplicated flat tax system, Obama praises China for being superior to us, and then encourages the sort of policies that saw the Soviet Union fail and maintained China in squalor for so long.

He brags about raising taxes on those who can afford it in obsequious stump speeches to the least accomplished Americans hoping to get their votes.

He neglects to tell the American people those who can afford it are the ones driving China’s economy by developing new technologies, building manufacturing plants and employing people.

Obama’s stupid, naïve or just flat out dishonest rhetorical proclamations assert American businesses might relocate to China, because of all things, infrastructure?

Not because of tax advantage?

Not because of labor advantage, where employers worry little about injuries and don’t have to contend with Unions?   Where a population is so hungry to advance it actually works with purpose, dedication and has respect for its employers?

Not because American companies might fear the threat of frivolous lawsuit less in China than America?

It is clear Obama is not a candidate because anything he says makes any sense at all, some Americans just like the idea of a black guy becoming president.  

Obama’s plan to fix the economy is all encompassed in the brilliant catch all, Americans want Change!  

According to Dumbo, Americans want higher taxes, universal health care, to give more of our money to third world nations in Africa lead by corrupt despots, to subsidize alternative energy sources while disallowing the development of oil and nuclear power, and more affirmative action advancing less qualified people over more qualified people.

If DumbObama really wanted to mimic China he would suggest we abolish OSHA, the EPA, and imprison in labor camps every single trial attorney in the nation.   Throw in a little starvation to really motivate the work force and put in a one child policy to encourage even more abortions and we could be well on our way toward replicating the country Obama admires most.


Copyright 2008 Jim Pontillo

11 thoughts on “According to DumbO

  1. Is that it? This year’s Republican catchphrase soundbite that will drive all voters to go for good old John McCain is “DumbObama”….oh dear….

    As for the rest of the article you will have to include at least a decent length quote from Obama before anybody can begin to discern what the hell it is you’re talking about. Seeing as this entire article hinges on one (unquoted) opinion that you have attributed to him, it can hardly be taken seriously unless you give some sort of context.

  2. It’s perfectly evident that Obama is an excellent orator. You can hear the same rhythm in his speeches as Martin Luther King’s. He knows how to use language and tone in the most effective manner possible, but that doesn’t mean he’s SAYING anything, and it doesn’t mean every word that comes out of his mouth is a brilliant piece of high literature.


    Provide the quote.

  3. True Obama is well dressed articulate speaker well versed in the suttle nuances so neccessary to his profession. John kerry was excellent as well, much more so than the bumbling Bush but it didn’t serve him so well when who he really was came bubbling to the surface, not due to the swifties but to a myriad of other smaller details that just made the swifts more credible. GW Bush always reminded me of a likable COLUMBO type without the underlying wit but with an aura of sincereness. I dont liken him to MCcain in any way as most people probably woudn’t want to have a beer with an old hothead cadaver like MCcain, yet I think he would fair well in comparison to Obama as most people are wary of crisp suit types who speak remakably well yet say so little or REVEAL so little – Even in this post both sides are unsure of where his stance on China fits in with that of the US. He’s an enigma, and by looking so good and talking so sporty he comes across as the stereotype slick politition or slimey used car salesman whos not telling you the whole truth about something.

    MCcain on the other hand is an open book – his flaws glaring. His road was hard a one to hoe as well with the POW thing, his cancer, and now of all things his age. I fell sorry for the old f*ck being upstaged by a young nobody with literally 143 days of service as his credentials, and a certain quality more important than all, that dubs him the honor of being the first black president – And thats all he has ladies and gentlemen, the rest we have to take on faith….And dont go digging into his past either, the drug dealing, the reverands, or anything else for that matter because its none of your business and you’re all racists out to smote the one who doesn’t LOOK LIKE THE GUY ON THE DOLLAR BILL…..
    He’s not paranoid or anything like that, he just knows what we’re all thinking because he’s so smart and his underware matches his socks.

    He should be president on the PAZZAZ factor alone for godsake.

  4. I’m confused? Who would vote for anyone that wants to raise our taxes? It will affect all of us not just the so called “people who can afford it”.
    I work for a casino and the money is way less than a year ago, but i’m still paying taxes on the same amount. Now some bozo says the answer is to give them more of my money. Oh and universal health care doesn’t work. I’ve talked to people from Canada and they will tell it doesn’t work.They wait years for operations or die waiting.

  5. Thanks Sake Mike,

    China’s infrastructure has certainly improved dramatically over recent years, and that may constitute one of the reasons why it is attracting more investment. However, I would suggest that its cheap workforce and setting up costs have more to do with it. Like many developing nations, China has a vast amount of cheap labour and undeveloped land which attracts businesses from across the world. America simply cannot compete with China in manufacturing as labour is a lot more expensive and there is a lot less undeveloped land for businesses to locate in.

    To say that “Obama praises China for being superior to us” is quite a distortion. He is merely pointing out the fact that China has, in many ways, overtaken the US in economic terms. He asks at the end of the clip: “Why aren’t we doing this? (investing in infrastructure)”. This suggests that he wants to take lessons from China’s remarkable economic rise, and why shouldn’t we?

  6. Take lessons from China’s remarkable economic rise?
    I fail to see what it is exactly we are to learn. As you pointed out the economic growth is a function of low cost goods and services. Take out America’s, and other developed countries exploitation of China’s cheap labor, and there is no economic rise. China is far from overtaking the US in economic terms. China’s GDP/cap (in PPP) is about 16% of USA today ($6400 vs $40000), similar to the relative ratio of Korea/US in 1970. It took Korea about 15 years to reach 1/4, and 20 years to reach 1/3 of US level. It is likely to take China the same or longer time given its huge size. Therefore, total GDP of China (in PPP) could be comparable to that of US in 15-20 years, in an optimistic scenario.
    What is it we are to learn from China? The basis of their tremendous economic growth can be directly attributed to what America and other nations send them to produce. China’s “remarkable economic rise”. It is simply a by product of what we, and other developed countries choose not to do at home because it is cheaper to produce in China.
    What we need are policies to encourage manufacturing in this country, and I do not think higher taxes on “those who can afford it” is the answer.

  7. Sean “Diddy” Combs wants you to know celebrities are feeling the rise in gas prices, too, and wants his “Saudi Arabia brothers and sisters” to help him out.

    “Gas prices are too motherf—–g high,” he says in his latest YouTube video. “As you know, I do have my own jet, but I’ve been having to fly back and forth to L.A. pursuing my acting career . Now, if I’m flying back and forth twice a month, that’s like $200,000, $250,00 round trip. F— that. I’m back on American Airlines.”

    The hip-hop mogul recorded the video blog in an unspecified airport while walking through the terminal and getting on a plane.

    Diddy made a plea for some free oil.

    “Give a shout out to all my Saudi Arabia brothers and sisters and all the brothers and sisters in all the countries that have oil — if you could please send me some oil for my jet, I would truly appreciate it,” Diddy says, showing his commercial jet boarding pass to the camera.

    Taking a stab at the upcoming political election, Diddy wants to make sure politicians understand his frustration.

  8. i don’t want lower taxes and i don’t mind even higher taxes, provided that my money does something for ME. right now, my tax money is basically being stolen by gov and distributed to their friends and families under all kinds of pretexts, like the war in Iraq or the war on drugs or the war on poverty or the war on no kid left behind. have you ever wondered why is it that this war metaphor is constantly being used by our government? very simple: only during a war can you spend astronomical amounts of money, with little or no supervision and almost no protest. war is a thief’s paradise

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