Ambulance Chaser

Some seem to think we should negotiate with the terrorists and radicals as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along.   We’ve heard this foolish delusion before.   As Nazi tanks crossed into Poland in 1939 an American senator declared Lord if I could have only talked to Hitler all of this could have been avoided.   We have an obligation to call this what it is, the false comfort of appeasement…

And Barack Obama responded to the President’s address in Israel with this,

After almost eight years I did not think I could be surprised about anything George Bush says, but I was wrong the President did something that presidents don’t do, and that is launch a political attack for the domestic market in front of a foreign delegation

Here’s a news flash for liberal idiots (Barack Obama included), most agree with the President talking with Hitler in 1939 wasn’t going to avert WWII.   The President nicely framed appeasement within the context of WWII where it was tried and failed.  

Surely, his declaration in Israel, America’s staunchest ally in the world, would sooth the anxiety that little country endures in a region that has continued to suggest she is completely or partly at fault for the aggression directed against her.   The President’s address was a reassuring promise from big brother that no country’s bullying tactics will be tolerated by the U.S.

If Barack Obama was honorable  he would have agreed and declared to the news media the President absolutely correct.   Doing so would have presented himself in opposition of appeasement in line with the President’s sentiments.  

Instead, his whining and screaming of fault has affirmed Barack Obama to be one of the guys the President fears childish enough to embrace appeasement.

If the President’s comments were bait, the half black dude swallowed it, hook, line and sinker.

The whole thing could have been mitigated and three days worth of news reports completely eliminated with the simple confirmation that appeasement doesn’t work.   But that’s not the way Democratic politics works.   Democrats don’t get votes by making sense.  

As in every aspect of the political correctness scourge that clouds over the United States, manufactured outrage, non-existent assault with feigned indignation, and contrived resentment are the tools which fill their emotionally charged vote getting quiver.

Thoughtful rumination might even send supporters to the other side.   If given a chance, feed the fire, and if one doesn’t exist, build it yourself.

Obama’s resume is so thin, his experience so deficit, and his character so weak the best that he can do is whine about rhetoric and lie about the current president’s comments.   He can’t articulate in clear language what he stands for and why his positions are better, but he can certainly assure us all, I promise change!

Change from sensible cogitation to emotionally unstable policy I presume.  

Mr. Obama has a law degree and other qualities which make him well qualified for that ignoble occupation where purveyors make tons of money convincing illegal immigrants to lie about work related injuries to screw insurance companies that kill a small company’s Workman’s Comp multiplier, but are these really the characteristics we want abundant in our Commander In Chief?


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  1. That’s why I am not voting for Obama, just one of many reasons. Great Article.

  2. “Here’s a news flash for liberal idiots (Barack Obama included), most agree with the President—talking with Hitler in 1939 wasn’t going to avert WWII. The President nicely framed appeasement within the context of WWII where it was tried and failed.”

    Obama isn’t arguing that appeasement works – though Condolezza Rice and the Secretary of Defense do – he’s saying that it is a disgrace to use another country’s national celebration and assembly as a podium for attacking his political rivals. That is explicitly what Obama said.

    Not to say Obama’ any cleaner; everything I’ve heard him say is just as hollow and full of shit as every other ‘old politician,’ Bush included. Obama just puts a nice deceptive sheen on his box of empty promises [has he even made a campaign promise yet that wasn’t parroting Hillary or McCain?] I’d favor the harpy or Mantooth Jawstrong over Obama any day; at least the public can see through their lies.
    This is a pretty good little counter point to your column from a Jewish perspective as well. It highlights Iran’s willingness to make deals, the willingness of Bush’s secretaries, and that Bush is using a faulty Godwin argument – comparing someone to Nazis even though the situation is totally different.

  3. Obama and his supporters are idiots. His supporters are hooked on “Hopeium” and are drinking the kool-aid. They have are “barak-oxicated” (courtesy

    Obama, you marxist, please go home before you inflict your own brand of economic terrorism upon our economy and embarrass us on the international stage.

  4. Great Article,

    But why in the hell or how can illegal criminal aliens lie about work related injuries? Why aren’t they arrested and deported. For that matter why is the employer hiring them?

  5. Lets think about this. Iran does not have to declare an open war on Israel. They can continue to funnel money to Hamas and Hezbollah while claiming all the while that the Palestinians will wipe Israel off the map. They even said as much last week. So what exactly would Iran offer up in a “grand bargain” and what would we be giving in return? Will we upgrade their oil producing infastructure? Will we give them the nuclear tech that they need to produce electricity? Saudi Arabia is already demanding that we help them develop nuclear for electrical demand. I do not think we will ever go to war with Iran at least not at any time soon. But I do believe that no matter what negotiations would do that Iran will continue to push its minions to aggravate Israel. I read the article that you referenced Crumb. There are two things that I would like to point out. Obama has shown a pro Arab stance in many of his comments. Bill Clinton’s State Department was certainly pro Arab. Yet the Jews support the idea of negotiations of land for peace. They have already given land for peace. How much more land do they need to give? All of it?

  6. Illegal aliens are hired because they work cheaper than American citizens.

    Israel hasn’t really given up land for peace yet, what with the constant moving in and out of Gaza. There’s no real peace deal yet.

  7. Crumb,

    Israel gave up all the Sinai Desert to Egypt, Gaza to the Palestinians, and she allows inhabitants of the West Bank autonomy but maintains a presence there to protect historic religious sites.

    You’re a moron.

  8. When Bush says ‘some people’ who do you think he is talking about? Joe Bloggs on the street who thinks we should talk to Iran, or democratic front-runner for the President Barack Obama who thinks we should talk to Iran?

    Of course, even Mr. Bush wouldn’t be outrageous enough to attack Obama in name as he knows Obama’s political capital is stratospheric compared to his own, but the attack was thinly veiled and obvious to the point that any idiot could tell who he was talking about…but then followers of Bush aren’t exactly any idiots are they…

    Crumbinist, Obama argues on foreign policy that we should engage in dialogue with those who the Bush administration has refused to talk to. He wants to work within international frameworks rather than reject them as Bush has done. To say that he is ‘just as hollow and full of shit as every other old politician’ is just lazy.

  9. I’m not talking about his foreign policy, but his general presentation.

  10. Obama argues on foreign policy that we should engage in dialogue with those who the Bush administration has refused to talk to. He wants to work within international frameworks rather than reject them as Bush has done.

    Actually Matt those frameworks are in place with the Bush administration. They just have not gone anywhere. Read Bakers column at Foxnews.

    The biggest thing about Obama is that he does not lend support to Israel in the comments that he makes. Appeasing Israel’s enemies at the sake of Israel will not accomplish anything. Perhaps a new Neville Chamberlain has arose as history repeats itself.

  11. Who is J. Pontifillo anyway? Just another Rush wanna be. Put the barrel in your mouth and pull the trigger, please.

  12. Crumb,

    That guy was certainly embarrassing; however, his ignorance does not make Bush’s comments inaccurate.

    Furthermore, the whole point of this column was not to label Obama and appeaser, it was to point out that Obama thinks of himself an appeaser. If not, he could have just agreed with the President’s comments and the issue would be over.

    • so. Jesse and Al have said so. Democratic morons have said so. Hell, senmooe here in my workplace says so. I’m racist because I have a copy of Glen Beck’s “Common Sense” on my desk. It must be true. After all, a person that works with me says he feels that is a form of hate speech for me to have that book anywhere in his presence. He actually goes on to say that books like that should be taken out of circulation and burned so as not to spread the hate. No kidding, this really happened! Of course, those of you out there who know me at all can imagine my “Blow it out your you know what!” reaction to this.So, I got to thinking. The Main Stream Media, Obama and his “Goebbels faction” (that’s propagandists for those of you who will want to slam me for the comparison), the NAACP and the other usual suspects claim I,Tea Partiers and basically decent Americans are RACIST. As such, I thought I’d put forward my beliefs for all to see. You know. The really racist hate stuff I and others spew every day.So, where to begin? How’s this for a start? The only thing I owe anyone in this country is the equal right to succeed. I owe them respect as an equal in my eyes. I owe them the right to speak their minds whether I like it or not. I do not have the right to censure them. I do not have the right to force anyone to think as I do. While I feel all Americans should help those who cannot help themselves. I do not owe a damn thing to the millions of people who refuse to get off their fat asses and help themselves! And I sure as hell don’t owe anybody anything for past sins or actions. OOPS! Racist thoughts according to the current fad!I am opposed to the Socialist takeover of our government by the Bozo in the White House. I stand for the ideals put forward by our founding fathers! I am against the takeover of corporations by the government. I am against the government bankrupting my children and grandchildren. I am against quotas. I am for people earning their way on merit and effort! I am against the vision of this president to transform this country into what I feel is a Socialist third world country. I oppose the very essence of what this administration and it’s lackeys in Congress stand for. OOPS! Racist! According to “those in the know”, if I stand opposed to the President’s policies, it’s because he’s black. Heaven forbid that maybe I feel his policies are tantamount to garbage rather than his skin color. Must be true though. After all, Jesse and Al say so as do our friends in the MSM.I am for Capitalism in it’s truest sense. I am against the confiscation of hard earned wealth. I do not believe in any way shape or form I owe anyone my earnings just so they can be equal. I’m not rich, but I have worked and slaved to reach the top of my chosen field. As such, I don’t need to be told I owe those who want a hand out anything. Again, I owe them the right to try to succeed and if on merit and effort they can beat me out of a job or whatever, so be it. Then it lays on my shoulders for lack of effort. OOPS! Racist! Listening to the crybabies out there, there are too many roadblocks in their way. Let me tell you right now. The main roadblock out there for anyone right now is the asinine assumption that they are owed! Guess what folks! Life isn’t like that. Get off your asses and earn it! OOPS Racist!And last but not least, illegal immigration. What is it that people cannot understand here? Arizona wants to in effect enforce federal law that the Federal Government refuse to enforce. OOPS! Racist! We want the borders enforced. We do not want amnesty for “ILLEGALS”! They broke the law. While we are a country of immigrants, the Government refuses to even use the word illegal. Why? OOPS! Can’t ask that! Racist! We won’t use the words Muslim Terrorists. Why? OOPS! Can’t ask that! Racist! The President and those in Congress who are all hell bent to get these people on the fast track to Citizenship all claim Racism if anyone questions their blatant political motives and as such in my view are subverting the law. OOPS! Racist thought there!The fact that in this day and age the left has to openly play the race card is easily one of the most Anti-American things I have ever seen, right down to the Justice Department (as an example) and their inane idea of dropping the suit against the New Black Panther Party! If the testimony is true and prosecutors have been told to not to go forward in cases of Black against White, then in the end, we definitely know who the real racists are! It’s not me. It’s not the millions of people in the Tea Party movement! It is the very people doing the accusing! Jesse, Al, the NAACP, Obama and all others who not only fling it out there but also refuse to refute obvious lies and distortions! They are indeed the true racists in this country! In turn, that makes them our country’s worst enemies! They are destroying the very fabric of our society from within. The Racism claim is just another means to a way for achieving what they really want, the descent of America into third world Socialist status. Following, but never leading.As I said above in comment #33: I cannot even remotely express my contempt for people who are so blind to the threat facing our country. This President and his followers are a threat to this country! Yet all they have to say in their defense is to accuse us of Racism or worse!Reply

  13. Denying Bush’s comments would have been completely ineffective since conservative pundits would have misconstrued that denial as a cover-up of his true intentions. What Obama did was try to distance himself from dirty, dishonest politics, which has been the entire basis of his fool’s gold campaign.

  14. A democrat trying to distance himself from dirty, dishonest politics… what an interesting concept. But how will the party function or campaign if they can’t lie and deceive the most uneducated masses of the American public – their voting base?

  15. Nevin,
    “Perhaps a new Neville Chamberlain has arose as history repeats itself.”

    Again we must ask ourselves, does talking to an enemy mean appeasing them? No. Surely appeasement is an outcome of a process of discussion, not the discussion itself! That’s blatantly obvious to anyone with half a brain!

    “If not, he could have just agreed with the President’s comments and the issue would be over.”
    Firstly, the comment WAS aimed at Obama (though perhaps more accurately the democrats in general). If it wasn’t aimed at them, who was it aimed at?

    Secondly, this whole comparison between those who want to talk to Iran etc and Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Nazi Germany is complete bollocks. I’m glad Obama didn’t let Bush get away with making such a ridiculous argument, one that I’m sure McCain will make again and again with diminishing success before the election.

    Who cares if Obama took it as a personal attack or not anyway? The reality is that the Republicans are running scared of Obama so they try veiled attacks on him and then claim innocence when he comes back at them.

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