And the Oscar Goes To Inventor of Internet

As a proud conservative, I want to clear up a couple of things:

1. Conservatives want dirty air.
2. Conservatives want to melt the polar ice caps and watch California fall into the Ocean.
3. Conservatives want automobiles that only get three miles to the gallon.
4. Conservatives want to burn up all the oil, all the coal, and all the trees.   The sooner we use up our natural resources the better.
5. Conservatives want prescription drugs as expensive as possible, and they want to make sure poor people can’t get them.
6. Conservatives want more murder and mayhem at the hands of American gun owners.
7. Conservatives want to outlaw abortion so more unwanted pregnancies result in the mother’s death by coat hanger in back alleys.
8. Conservatives want lower taxes to hamper all the good things government does for us.
9. Conservatives want to prevent homosexual marriage because they hate gay people.
10. Conservatives want Wal-Mart to take over the world because one great capitalist success demonstrates the superiority of our form of government.

Did I miss anything?   To listen to sanctimonious rants from the liberal pulpit you’d think these were the conservative Ten Commandments.   The politics of militant environmentalism has never been about objective argument and objective discourse; it is about liberal consensus and muzzling any form of informed objection.   The more hyperbole that can be thrown at conservatives the better.   If we could just, more closely associate Hitler, and Stalin, and Mao with conservatism   Never mind these leftist despots and their governments much more closely resemble liberal politics than conservative politics.

Barbara Boxer (How does she keep coming up in my columns?), concerning climate change , recently stated, The consensus is in and she went on to state she would not even consider any arguments opposing her convictions.   Consensus is not fact.   The consensus was Pluto was a planet, the consensus was the earth was flat, the consensus was DDT1 was deadlier than the malaria it cured us from, the consensus was African AIDS2 is going to decimate the continent within a generation.

Can we test her IQ?   Here is a challenge, I’ll submit to an IQ test and so will my favorite Senator.   We’ll publish the scores on the internet, if I score higher than she does, there is no global warming.   This is just as scientific as Senator Boxers, The consensus is in   The difference is my method is more likely to give an accurate prognostication.

Doesn’t it bother anyone that global warming is such a partisan issue?   Is every conservative out there that dumb?   Why would anyone want dirty air?   If intellectual honesty is used you can’t get around the fact that the science is yet to be settled.   Why is it so important to close the debate?   I probably would be inclined to imagine that mankind could possibly be responsible for global warming even in the absence of scientific fact if it was not so closely wedded to the liberal agenda of shutting down capitalist progress, and giving more power to government over people and business.

Now that Hollywood has spoken you know global warming is a propagandized tale.    The wizards of fantasyland were not investigated by the House Committee on Un-American Activities because the accused were American Patriots.   Hollywood’s lineage to subversive and dangerous ideologies challenging the foundations of our government and the visions of great men called the Founding Fathers is long and strong.   Hollywood hates our form of government based on excellence.   Most people in Hollywood know their success has come by chance, and they don’t believe success ever comes through individual initiative and excellence, hence their inclination to take money from people who earn it.

Al Gore is the newest plebe to rise in the ranks to become Hollywood royalty.   After graduating  from Harvard College in 1969 he enlisted in the Army (though against the war) but was not immediately sent to Viet Nam.   He managed to stay stateside as a military journalist (nice to have parents in government) writing for The Army Flier.   He did serve a few months in Viet Nam at the end of the war.   Gore served as U.S. Representative from 1976-1984.   He was elected and served as Senator until becoming Vice President in the Clinton administration, then lost a close election to George W. in 2000.   Gore has made some  accomplishments yet none would get him an Oscar if he embraced the conservative kind of politics based upon fact instead of fairytale.

Even creating the Internet wouldn’t get you an Oscar if you were conservative.

1 The documented threats to human health because of DDT use have been tenuous at best, however, the ban of DDT has resulted in the deaths of some 50 million people worldwide due to uncontrolled outbreaks of malaria, mostly in underdeveloped nations.

2 Africa has the most prolific population growth of any continent on the planet.   While AIDS and famine are disappointing realities plaguing the continent, Africa’s population of 900 million is expected to be 1.6 billion by 2050.

Copyright 2007 Jim Pontillo

6 thoughts on “And the Oscar Goes To Inventor of Internet

  1. I couldn’t agree more that allowing Hollywood liberals (literally!) set our policy agenda is getting us nowhere.

    I hope no one is suggesting that Gore and the rest of the Hollywood elite Gore’s membership card just got upgraded to Oscar Gold are displaying ‘courage’ by blithely awarding themselves honors. It’s now time to move on, and let sensible people figure this stuff out.

    Check out the blog, a forum for us proud conservatives to discuss these issues in rational ways.

    • A liberal and a corvtnvaeise walk down the street and come upon a homeless man. The Conservative take $ 5 from his pocket and tells the man to come see him to get a job.The Liberal takes $ 10 from the corvtnvaeise’s pocket and tells the man where to file for benefits.Seriously the liberal feels the government can be an agent of social change and the government has a responsibility to fund social actions.The corvtnvaeise is pretty much happy with the way things are and places emphasis on personal responsibility and less government intervention.

  2. The reason this is such a partisan issue is because the socialcrats (liberals) (and, by the way, I claim rights to that term, unless everybody thinks it sucks) are trying to push their socialist agenda. They are trying to attack our industrial economy, they are trying to scare people into voting for them, and they are trying to pretend that they really “care” about humanity. Besides that, when you believe in the B.S. that is “evolution” then global warming becomes your only valid argument. If you can believe in the ice age (regardless of the fact that it cannot be proven through science) and its destruction of every living thing, then you can believe in a global warming (that science clearly proves wrong) that will inevitably lead to the destruction of man.

  3. hi to the flat earth society. I found your diatribe
    really funny,Joe McCarthy!he was a drunken fool.
    He got off on the power of destroying people.
    He destroy himself when he went after the pentagon. Jim why are you so uptight and angry
    you almost sound paranoid,relax enjoy life. You
    are making a good living for you and your family,
    enjoy it,there are no evil liberals trying to take it
    from you. I believe in evolution,but reading some
    of this crap makes me wonder.
    susan, steve’s wife.

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  5. Ask a liberal for an opiionn, and they tell you something they believe is true for everyone. Ask a liberal if they are more caring than others, they say yes, ask a liberal if they have better ideas, and they say yes, ask a liberal if they should control others by taxing their earnings and using the money for their particular pet programs, and they will say yes, and add that their ideas do lots of good for people.Lilberals view themselves as superior, intellectually and educationally, and that they have all the answers.Conservatives believe you can make better decisions with your money, that you have a right to keep what you earn, that you can have ideas that others may not agree with but it’s okay. Conservatives are actually more tolerant of different ideas than are Liberals.Liberals have their roots in the old Democrat party of slave owners in the south, who did very little for blacks and wanted to keep slavery going even after the civil war. Conservatives have their roots in the Republican party, the party of anti-slavery, the party that fought against civil rights abuses and against the democrats and later dixiecrats that tried to institutute such things as separate but equal or whites only services and facilities.Don’t let liberals fool you into believing they are anything more than wolves in sheeps clothing. They do NOT have your best interest in mind, that’s why they want to remove guns, remove your money, and tell you how to live, raise the price of fuel, and insert government control into virtually every aspect of your lives.Liberalism used to mean independent much like today’s Libertarian party, but over the years, Liberal has taken on a new form, it’s big government, elitist behavior, know-it-all attitudes, and nobody should be responsible for their own actions, everything is relative, it’s called moral relativism, and can be used by liberals to explain any behavior, regardless of how damaging it might be to others.Beware of Liberals, they are dishonest and greedy.

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