Finally, Mid East Peace

It looks like Nancy Pelosi is poised to enter the distinguished company of Nobel Peace laureates Yassar Arafat and Jimmy Carter; the twentieth century’s worst American President and the murderous Palestinian leader who repeatedly rejected Israeli concessions, denying the Palestinian people their own state.

Fresh off a visit to Syria, specifically to undermine our Commander in Chief’s policies since she can’t seem to vote her moral conscience and defund the war, the treasonous Pelosi has returned with incredible news, the Syrians are willing to enter peace talks with Israel!

No kidding.  

Syria wants back the Golan Heights.   Up until 2000, Syrian president Hafez al-Assad rejected any sort of plan for peace with Israel.   Watching the UN, Europe, Middle East nations, and Democrats ratchet up their contempt and displeasure with U.S. policy, the opportunist Assad is merely playing a preconceived hand of poker where he believes he can wrestle back the Golan with international pressure.

That bit of land which towers three thousand feet over Israeli settlements is quite a nice launching pad for Syrian attacks.   Over one hundred Israelis died in such attacks prior to 1967.   Since Israel has controlled that land death toll, zero.   Additionally, occupation of that land offers protection of the Sea of Galilee, Israel’s only fresh water lake.   Water is a precious commodity in Israel.

Giving the Golan back to Syria for a promise of peace, is tantamount to America giving California back to Mexico for a promise of no more illegal aliens; both promises will last about as long as it takes you to read this sentence.    

To really understand the extent of Syria’s disingenuousness, for peace, they have always demanded Israel’s withdrawal to the June 4, 1967 borders, land captured by Israel in the six day war.   Additionally, Syria demands land on the east shore of the Sea of Galilee that Syria captured from Israel during the 1948-49 Arab-Israeli War which it occupied from 1949–1967.  

In other words, What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is mine ahhh the hell with it, its all mine.  

Every now and then, when the Arabs use this typical peace negotiating tactic (the one where they ask for way more than what any sane individual would consider reasonable) the Israelis surprise them and actually agree to terms.   The agreements are then met with additional demands and stipulations, and they are piled on until Israel withdraws.  

Welcome to the Middle East peace process.

In September 2005, Israel forcibly evicted its own citizens from Gaza in the culmination of a peace negotiation that would set the stage for a Palestinian State.   Two weeks later, rockets were launched from Gaza into Israeli towns.

Hearing Nancy Pelosi proclaim that Syria is ready for peace, is like hearing Neville Chamberlain proclaiming Nazi Germany is ready for peace, only Neville Chamberlain undermined his country’s security and was the fall guy when his poor decisions adversely affected his nation.  

Nancy Pelosi  won’t take  responsibility for any diplomatic failure she promotes, yet  encourages  failure by undermining current American policy.    It is amazing she would go to Syria when the President asked her not to; of course, not so amazing when you recognize damaging  America is totally unimportant to liberals, only gaining power matters.  

It’s like having your dad restrict you from using the family car because you took it without permission only to have mom come home and give you the keys.   The Democrats are so vindictive and determined to undermine the President they’ll happily poison the world by encouraging rogue nations.  

That these Democrats might have to deal with criminal states of their own creation in the future is  unimportant.

Conservatives want to make the United States a more productive enterprise.   Liberals only want the presidency.  

The Democrat strategy is simple, everything Republicans do is bad no matter what.   If Republicans lower taxes, even if it helps the economy, Democrats will raise them.   If Republicans want to fix Social Security, even though it’s insolvent, Democrats won’t let them.   If Republicans want to cut spending and reign in big government waste then Democrats send a war funding bill to the President with 120 billion dollars in waste spending.   And if Republicans want to isolate murderous terrorist nations like Syria by refusing diplomatic relations then Democrats send Nancy Pelosi to engage in diplomacy.

If it were World War II Nancy Pelosi would be breaking bread with Adolf Hitler telling him Franklin Roosevelt was a prick for expecting him to quit conquering Europe.   She wouldn’t say a word about all the dead Jews.

Copyright 2007 Jim Pontillo

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  1. Right on Jim! When I saw the news reports of that _itch over in Syria undermining our foreign policy. I about lost it.

  2. Perhaps next she can visit North Korea and negoiate a deal to ship some weapons grade plutonium to her new found friend in an effort to shorten the war. Would anybody find this a shock?

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