FMK #3 Jim and Sake Mike talk about immigration

Juan wants a raise.
The boys argue about immigration.
Kids play choo choo.
Mike considers a run for congress.

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2 thoughts on “FMK #3 Jim and Sake Mike talk about immigration

  1. Hello Jim,
    Your Mom & Dad were just up to our mountain house a couple of weekends ago. They told me about your web site I like it…Tracy and I are on it now. We first saw a picture of you standing alone and speaking but we can not find it again? Our sound on her computer was not working at the time let me know how to find you again. As you already know Tracy myself and Teresa are Republican’s and also my husband. keep up the good work. Look forward to hearing from you I don’t have your telephone number, I know you called me when Mom died a couple of years ago unfortunatley I was not able to get back to you then.
    take care your cousin Kathy
    I will promote your website

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