He’s got to be Kidding

By treating us all, at a campaign stop in Altoona Pennsylvania, to his bowling prowess, Barack Obama has completely shattered the stereotype that black people are better at sports.

He got a 37.   I could do better blind-folded, and I’ve only bowled twice in about twenty years.   My eleven year old would destroy him, and I’m pretty sure my eight year old would beat his score as well.

To give you an idea how terrible 37 is, that’s less than two pins per ball.   If he accidently hit the head pin once he would have done better than 37.

And they say Republicans are out of touch!

Sake Mike is 270 pounds; he got tuckered out walking three-quarters of a mile from his house to my shop the other day and he’d score better than thirty-seven even after polishing off a couple pitchers of Adolphus Busch’s best all by himself!

How does a fit and trim man in his mid-forties become so uncoordinated he scores no better than 37 after 10 frames?   After throwing ten or so gutter balls, didn’t he say to himself, Maybe I ought to adjust to get this thing rolling down the middle?!

I can’t imagine how he’s going to deal with a fit and muscular Vladimir Putin.   Stalin thought Truman was a little piss ant; Putin will look at our scrawny bowler extraordinaire and just laugh.

The Dems favorite epithet for George W. Bush is cowboy , Barack Obama can only hope for such a dastardly sobriquet!

Does anyone wonder what this guy would do with a screwdriver and a hammer?

Being a good or decent bowler is certainly not an important prerequisite to becoming President of the United States, but for all the talk the Democrats brag about how they’re going to help the working man, it would give them a little bit of credibility if they could at least demonstrate a diminutive and mediocre skill in practical arts.   Those kinds of skills lowly blue collar guys posses.   The guys the Dems proclaim they will help with all their higher taxes and special programs.

Something tells me these guys will do fine if we just let them keep their hard-earned money.

Chevy Chase immortalized Gerald Ford, in Saturday Night Live skits, as a bumbling fool after the President tripped on a steep staircase from an airplane.   The media quite happily promoted the bumbling stereotype for one of our most athletic Presidents.   Ford was a star football player in college, and revered by his teammates for his indomitable will.   Is the media going to show us over and over, how Barack Obama can’t bowl as well as a Down syndrome child possessed with effervescent exuberance?

Ronald Reagan, another dumb cowboy , shut down Walter Mondale’s quip that Reagan was too old instantly by challenging him to an arm wrestle.   A word to the wise Mr. Obama, don’t repeat Mondale’s error on McCain.   He ain’t Ronald Reagan, but I’m certain he’ll clean your clock!

I would love to invite Barack to my shop to help me load a mold into a press (prop up his ordinary man image and all).   We wouldn’t even mess with the two thousand pounders; it would be quite enough entertainment to see this guy wrangle a little five hundred pound tool.   I’d have to give close supervision though; otherwise he just might smash one of his delicate little fingers.

I’ve always known libs were all talk and no action, but watching the comical Obama bowling form, it makes Bill Clinton’s jogs to McDonald’s seem downright athletic.

Barack Obama is an elitist of the first order.   Before he becomes President I want to see him change oil in a car and accomplish some other blue collar task while he and his wife make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and pontificate to supporters that they shouldn’t follow the middle class dream of getting a better life.

Common sense is an important and valuable quality any President of the United States ought to be able to demonstrate.   Bowling a 37  doesn’t demonstrate any.   Of course neither does taxing to death the most productive souls in society to make sure they don’t work anymore.

I’m willing to give Barack Obama one more chance, if he can beat Hillary Clinton in an arm wrestling match, I’ll vote for him.

I can’t wait to see this clown swing a bat.
Copyright 2008 Jim Pontillo

28 thoughts on “He’s got to be Kidding

  1. Jim,
    After team FMK Snipers done with the 2008 spring softball season WE need a bowling team.
    How’s that sound, team FMK Snipers summer bowling team??? Are we could just have a water ski team next!!! Just don’t forget YOUR CHECK BOOK…

    Your buddy (I think),
    Sake Mike

    P.S. We need to order the bowling team shirts ASAP….

  2. Hey since I bowl three times a week, and do much better than 37, don’t forget to call me for your bowling team.

    Great Column! Very Funny!


  3. No, let’s all point and laugh at the Marxist. I don’t care if he is Black, Yellow, Red or White. Obama and the ignorance that propels his ilk to positions of influence will be the achilles heal that brings down this country.

  4. Matt,

    Once again, due to your liberal education and indoctrination you fail to see the point of Jim’s column.
    Instead you take your comments to the gutter (pun intended) and start screaming racism. Obama’s ethnicity was never mentioned in Jim’s column. Not once.
    If you need me to explain it to you, please don’t ask as it wouldn’t stick anyway.

  5. jetff said:
    “Obama’s ethnicity was never mentioned in Jim’s column.”

    Jim’s column said:
    “Barack Obama has completely shattered the stereotype that black people are better at sports.”

    I thought I wasn’t going to have to pick out this quote due to its blatant racial stereotyping as well as its innacuracy (Obama isn’t black, he’s mixed race) but clearly some of us need an extra bit of directing in life…

  6. Well, jefft, Jim did mention it…..to keep things factual and all. Not that I argue with your underlying premise.

  7. LOL ROFL Hillary challenged him to a bowl off, she said she’d even spot him two frames. Winner take the nomination. She’s hoping he bites. (Well, he does bite) LMAO!!!

  8. No Matt you ignorant dunce- we are laughing at the looney liberals. Notice folks how the demorats have no humor? They are sick Sick SICK!

  9. Bowling and armwrestling has nothing to do with being a President.

    McCain is a whack job. Hillary’s a bitch. Obama is a poor last resort.

    I have a bumper sticker: “We’re F*CKED for President in 2008”

  10. I believe we are pretty much F*#&ed as a nation if we continue on the same path we are on, or at least as a nation made up of the same sort of mettle that formed this great nation. Take the poll recently released on Foxnews.com ( http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,346308,00.html ) 8 in 10 Americans believe we are on the wrong track. Notice that the majority of respondents feel that GOVERNMENT is most to blame for the housing crisis! Someone explain to me how government is responsible (besides pushing for everyone to be a homeowner and putting pressure on lenders to give to people who shouldn’t get a loan- in the name of diversity and anti-discrimination) No they don’t blame the lenders, the developers or most of all THE PERSON WHO SIGNED THE LOAN!

    These people who signed up for these adjustable reate mortgages and teaser rates at a time when fixed rates were at almost historically low rates made foolish decisions. They should have known that those rates were only going one way – UP.
    53% think the government should help those with rising interest rates! Hello? Why? This just reinforces irresponsible behavior and the notion that big government will be their to bail the little sheeple out. This will only lenghten the crisis and encourage risky behavior in the future. So here it is again. The STATE wants to steal money from those who produce and GIVE it to people who made bad decisions. Funny, they are probably stealing from the people that said “no, my business is going well but I’m going to stay in my little old 3/2 ranch house because it is paid off and continue to invest and save” to give to people who wanted the house they couldn’t afford and they wanted it now. Sickening.
    Free yourself from Government of live in the “safe” world it will create for you. I’m sure you or your future generations will find that safe world a living hell in time.

  11. The government needs to intervene because if this goes unchecked, the economic crisis could wipe out the dollar and take the global economy with it.

  12. I’m betting all his gutter balls went into the LEFT gutter. Same place his Pastor can be found, by the way.

  13. The dollar is already wiped out. Let the individuals and the banks take the hit.

  14. “(Obama isn’t black, he’s mixed race) ”

    Just like about 99.9% of “African Americans”. At least Obama is *exactly* half and half.

    One guy in the office, who is Black, physically and culturally (unlike B. H. O) tells me he has a white great grandparent. And that’s just the white ancestor he knows about.

    Quite a few African Americans, like my sister in law’s *Best and current* husband, have a fair amount of American Indian ancestry as well.

  15. Bowling isn’t a sport. It’s a substitute for sex. The better you bowl, the worse you are in bed.

  16. Steve:

    I’ve been bowling for 40 years. I started taken lessons one year ago, when I retired. I can assure you that my better bowling has not changed my sex life. It’s still great!

  17. ok had to add to this bowling thing. last summer i bowled a 267 thats a good game for someone with a 150 average. And that didn’t ruined my sex life at all. People that bowl have more balls then those that don’t bowl. Just ask steve wife.

  18. What gets me is that you proclaim yourselves to be Patriots yet you sound more like a bunch of cry-babies suckkling at the Nanny State tit!

    If you folks were real patriots, you would take up arms against the totalitarian NWO and help us “Liberals” restore democracy to the late great United States of America!

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