It’s the Entitlements, Stupid

Each day I listen to the guys on KFI 640 go off screaming about illegal immigration.  They lament what illegal immigrants are costing us and that they are destroying our nation.  This problem is so easy to fix, build a fence, throw the employers in jail, enforce the border.

The cavalcade of pissed off U.S. citizens jumping on the bandwagon to agree and voice their rage is endless.

In the mean time they keep buying produce at the grocery stores, manufactured goods, construction and landscape services, and fast food all provided by the hands of illegal aliens.  The hundred guys at Home Depot arena™ standing out there because no one is giving them work, and it’s not business hiring all of them.

If it was so easy to stop the onslaught the War on Drugs would have been over a long time ago. The American people are demanding low cost goods and that drives the demand for cheap labor.  Ever heard of Wal-Mart?

I am no open border guy (it should be aggressively closed), but I work in the manufacturing business and see the realities many in the public arena privy to. Culturally, we have become a country adverse to even the slightest discomfort.

It’s not that illegal aliens are doing the Jobs American’s won’t do, it’s that they are doing jobs Americans won’t do without whining about it.

Many U.S. citizens are convinced they are owed certain entitlements, and it’s not Social Security and Medicare I’m talking about.  Sexual harassment, overtime, racism, OSHA, health care, specified breaks, vacation, etc.; the gauntlet American business has to run and still try to make a buck is overwhelming.  We can be just like France if we try hard enough!

I’m not saying some of these entitlements aren’t reasonable, but too many American workers are ready and willing to use them as levers against employers.  Many employees are way more interested in getting theirs than insuring their company succeeds for the long haul.

Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Motorola, Dell, all of our big corporations are outsourcing their manufacturing and their services as quickly as they can in search of a better labor cost and a better work ethic.

We have programmed our workers to expect compensation, and then maybe get around to work, instead of to work really hard and then look and hope for better opportunity.

The problem isn’t that we are giving all of our entitlements to illegal aliens, the problem is we are giving out way too many entitlements to everyone and the system which is going to break anyway is now breaking much faster than anticipated.  Those selfish citizens who thought the system wasn’t going to break in their lifetime (leaving the problem to future generations) are now seeing the possibility they might not get theirs.  Wah, wah.

George W. tried to fix Social Security and AARP freaked.  Maybe his immigration policy (let everyone in) has more method than madness after all?!

Blaming illegal immigration for our country’s financial mess is like putting a Band-aid on a bullet hole in your head.

Even if it wasn’t for all of our give-aways, America is not willing to enforce our border to insure aliens don’t come in.   Central American illegal immigrants to Mexico get the crap beat out of them and no border officers are finding themselves on trial for violating their civil rights.   They’re serious about protecting their border and they’re sending a message.

That’s the way enforcement works.  You need a couple overzealous whack-jobs in the ranks just to let everyone know you’re not screwing around.  What kind of a message do we send when we run down to Mexico, find the border hopping drug smuggler who got shot in the butt, and drag him back here to testify against our own law enforcement officials?

Keep coming across the border, our federal government will protect you.

Anyway, these people worried about getting their entitlements are the ones who have been complaining that the U.S. is supposed to care for the poor and the downtrodden.

Mexico is an unjust third world nation, and their citizens are in need of our help.  They’re right next door for crying out loud.  If there is a moral imperative to take care of poor people in need why does that imperative stop at our border?  Morality stops at imaginary boundaries separating nations?  Not according to liberal theology.

Are the people over there less people than the people over here?  Isn’t it the duty of rich nations to help poor nations?  What better way than to take in all their poor uneducated people without jobs?

We are going to have to sacrifice a little, but come on, compared to living in a tin shack?  We’ve got the money, we can afford it.  Aren’t these the same arguments used to tell the wealthy they should pay more taxes?  Oh, but that’s different.

Like it or not, we have a representative government, and we are getting exactly what we ask for.  As long as the American people vote for politicians based on their own selfish wants and desires, and forgo the qualities that the Founders believed citizens would use to choose their leaders, virtue, honor, and integrity, then we are going to continue to get bad policy.

You want to fix the border problem?  Here’s how.  Never, ever, ever vote for a politician who embraces any socialist policy (that eliminates all Democrats and most Republicans) or ventures to usurp the principles our Founders fought to secure, and never vote for a politician who thinks politics is a career, instead of a place where you go to serve your country.

Not willing to do that?

Better start learning Spanish.

Copyright 2007 Jim Pontillo

16 thoughts on “It’s the Entitlements, Stupid

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  2. The catastrofic illegal immigration into the USA can only be solved by electing representatives of the people who will: firstly, posses the manhood to do what needs to be done (an almost impossible task in itself), and secondly; see as their duty the preservation of the American way of life. — But in the end, it is the people who bears the blame; as long as our vote is dictated by petty personal considerations the politicians’ will will be directed at fullfilling those petty wishes, even if it means the washing of our tradicions and way of life down the Rio Grande.
    One almost looks with longing at the Soviet Union’s efforts to keep their own citizens from scaping out; could it be so difficult to keep unneeded and uninvited illegal foreigners from comming in ?. Is the government perhaps following a purposeful path to the slow integration of the American continent ? if so they should enact laws to accomplish their designs instead of creating a society where a considerable segment of our immigrant population is composed of law-breaking residents. Jim Pontillo is right, only we, the voter, have the power to turn these horse trading politicians out of office; do we have the herewithal to do so ?, I doubt it.

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  5. Some of the problem lies with people who want work done but do not want to do it themselves. I would rather hire a hard working Mexican to do my yard work than an American. Why you ask? They do better work faster and cheaper without complaints. These people have better work ethics than most Americans. They do a good job washing my car also. I think this problem will never end because Americans want these job done cheap and we do not want to do them ourselves.

    Dealer Girl

  6. You are so wrong. And racist. You suggest that Americans are lazy and Mexicans are not.
    Starving people will always work harder. They are taken advantage of by employers. This is a form of slavery.

    The answer is simple. Build a fence. Stop entitlements to illegals. Arrest the employers. That’s it.

    This will decrease our traffic, stop overcrowding in schools, decrease the cost of healthcare, decrease emergency room waits, and increase salaries.

    OH, the slave owners ie: hotel owners, builders and restaurant owners will make a little less money.

  7. I agree that millions of illeagals coming here has been a disaster to our way of life and our culture.
    They have displaced the indiginous workforce that once was and have cemented themselves in as a permanent impoverished sub-class.
    However, there’s a big picture that might partially explain the administration’s willingness to grant amnesty (again).
    Low birth rate in this country and many other countrys is causing a dire shortage of workers.
    The population is aging and there is a need for millions of young people to do the work.
    We are importing people from the South. Europe is importing Muslims for the same reason (but with a potentially disasterous result).
    Japan has a severe aging population problem too, but they refuse to import workers because they want to maintain a racially pure society. So that country is slowly shutting down as the median age heads for 70. Russia is equally in trouble and may one day have to defend it’s land mass and resources from the Chinese to the south (who have the opossite problem – Lot’s of people, need more resources)
    The demographics of almost all devolped countries will change radically in the next 50 years.

  8. We need to shut down our borders. Use all resourses available…fence, more manpower and return them to the southern tip of Mexico where it is a long walk back.

    We have a aging population. We import all the college educated nurses, teachers and science/math from the Philippines. They haul their own weight immediately. They pay taxes immediately and they all speak English as well as we do. We helped them establish their education system back when we knew what we were doing. And we have let our go to hell. Last, but most important, we need God back in our schools regardless of who it offends. We import Filipino’s they are 98% Christian. We do not need any more imports from the middle east until we know more on how to defend ourselves with the mess we have. Have to run. John

  9. JIM -You make many good points but your arguments in spots are simplistic. I agree with your basic premises and do think we need to take America back and get rid of politicians who are self serving – from both sides! We need those virtues and thinking that made America great originally – hard work and a desire to succeed. Let’s start this by getting educated and demanding good people to be in office. I think most entitlements should cease and folks whould work for a living – and I think we should build a DOUBLE fence to block off the border. Then we deal with those here! Illegals are making a huge impact on our economy and some of it is NOT good!


  10. dealer girl is not just ignorant but stupid as well as stupid. having arabicinn chicken scratch is revolting and should be illegal. spreading this insideous cult is the height of folly…..stamp out islamofacism…….

  11. If you want to know the truth about why Bushco refuses to enforce immigration laws and reinforce the border, read the following:
    You may think that this is conspiracy theory ( a phrase I am sick to death of!) but if you continue beyond this article, you will find that there is much documentation. Canadians have known about this for some time now. We are just beginning to learn the truth. It’s all about trade, not free trade, NAFTA. It’s all about the stealth creation of the so-called “North American Union.” Not only are our civil liberties being slowly taken away, our entire way of life is being stolen right under our lazy noses. The Constitution of the United States is a joke to these people. They don’t value it any more than we value our garbage! I encourage all of you to read everything you can find about this matter and then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Tell your Congresspersons, tell your neighbors, tell anyone that will stop and listen to you. Otherwise you may find that you live in a supercountry that consists of Canada, US and Mexico and uses the “Amero” for currency. And who is behind all of this? You may be surprised! Do the research.
    Also see:
    This is what Canadians are trying to do regarding the SPP. Take a look. Then you will know why Bush doesn’t want to stop immigrants from Mexico. That would be contrary to his agreement with (at the time) president Vicente Fox and the current president of Mexico.
    You may also want to search Google Videos for “In Plane Site; the Director’s Cut.” They present some interesting facts.

  12. Dealer Girl-
    I disagree with most everything you say except “most Americans won’t do those jobs.” Right you are, that’s EXACTLY we we need to cut off ALL entitlements for everyone- legal and illegal alike. If we did that, not only would we save billions a year on free handouts to people too lazy to feed themselves, it would open up a pool of Americans “too hungry NOT to work”. Once that happened there would be no need or job for illegals crossing our border. When they found only hostility here rather than free money and free education and free medical treatment- all at American tax-[ayer expense, they’d quit comming over our border and no fence would be needed. Ok- I’m off my soap box and I feel much better!

  13. the issue of what will take place concerning illegal immigration, while still being hotly debated, is, and has been, over for much of this decade and the last. the majority keeps hoisting blame on the present-day monstrosities we have in office, when the catalyst for this issue happened well before W. did we do anything then? we bought into the trade agreements and have apathetically allowed this and many other degrading situations to fester and swell. still, we come to formats like this to armchair bitch, blame and accuse one another. in the mean time, nothing is done because it’s already done. we just get to talk about it.

  14. I think the premise that we have a “representative government” was pretty much destroyed during this latest effort to push through an amnesty program. It is NOT the American people who are allowing this situation. Clearly, the American people want existing laws enforced, not new opening the gates even wider. The American people spoke. They had been speaking on this issue for five years. Nobody in DC was listening. They instead worked behind doors with a treasonous president to ram through the exact opposite of what the American people had been asking for. They will try again. If not next session, then next president. Guaranteed.

    Nobody has asked the American people if we are willing to pay more for our lettuce, etc. in return for closing our borders and making conditions such that the illegals self-deport. This isn’t about what the American people want, or are willing to do. It’s about socialist cultural balkanization, new votes nearly guaranteed for the socialist party, the hopes that the newly transformed 2nd socialist party might get those votes instead, and about the large agra-corps demanding cheap off the books labor.

    Like so many other issues, it is about what the elites in DC want, about remaking America into a third world country so that they can rule us like a third world country, and destroy the annoying, demanding, liberty conscious middle class.

    DC is broken. Individual States are taking back the responsibilities the founders intended they have, through recognizing that the federal government is no longer a constitutionally restricted Republic, but an oppressive invasive socialist engine calling itself a “democracy” which was NEVER the intent of the founders. When their arrogance bumps up against the Constitution or BofR, they claim both are “living documents outdated and needing updating”. Or just have their federal courts rule unconstitutionally in their favor.

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