Purchased with Pride

I did something this week I haven’t done in  twenty-five years.   The last time I did it it cost me about eighty-five cents, this time, three and a half bucks.   The three and a half dollar price was actually the most shocking part of the whole experience.

After going through it, I can recall why I haven’t bought it often.   Reading it is kind of like getting a cheap thrill from some free internet porn site, it’s salacious and mildly entertaining, but there isn’t much substance and no intellectual stimulation (Of course, I guess no one is going to free porn sites for intellectual stimulation).  

I couldn’t really care less what is happening this week with Hollywood’s favorite freaks although I did get a perverse thrill out of seeing how half a dozen Hollywood loons have destroyed themselves with plastic surgery.   The National Enquirer’s cover this week featured some very disturbing plastic surgery pictures gone way wrong.   I’m going to paste it up on the fridge at home to warn my wife and kids to just let nature take its course.

I learn more new words in one Ann Coulter column or in one George Will column than I would learn reading the National Enquirer all year long, and even though I knew that before I bought it, I couldn’t help myself.   The simple fact is the National Enquirer has become one of the most reliable sources of news in the Main Stream Media.

The New York Times, America’s news source , continuously lies promoting a far left agenda.   Their stories are parroted on ABC, NBC, and CBS, and liberals say Fox News is partisan.   After the Times promoted an embarrassing (to the Times) story that John McCain was cheating on his wife, without a shred of evidence, the Times along with all the rest of the MSM ignored an egotistical and narcissistic John Edwards screwing around to make a baby with some attractive dingbat.

John Edwards is volunteering to do a paternity test, unfortunately, Miss Hunter won’t cooperate.   How convenient.

No one believes Edwards isn’t really the father, not that it really matters, but what’s the point of promoting the charade.   It reiterates the idea, if a liberal has the choice between lying or telling the truth, they always prefer to lie.

You would think after admitting to being egotistical and narcissistic good ole Edwards would demonstrate a little humility, come clean, and sink away from public life.   That would require acknowledging that egotism and narcissism are negative character traits requiring immediate attention to alleviate, but for Edwards, like all liberals, words are chosen for emotive affect, not literal meaning.

That’s the whole problem with those us who lean to the right, we expect that words are suppose to communicate concrete debatable ideas, when they are only used by the left for hyperbolic emotional effect.

In reflection I realize I shouldn’t be so smug about the Enquirer’s light literary content, it’s not their fault the American Education system, which has been so corrupted by liberal ideology, has created so many Americans who can barely read at that level.

The next time you’re at the supermarket and think you shouldn’t purchase a National Enquirer because you think it’s just an old gossip rag, remember, even the National Enquirer wouldn’t hire Jayson Blair.


Copyright 2008 Jim Pontillo

30 thoughts on “Purchased with Pride

  1. Quick question:

    How have “liberal” policies destroyed the American education system to create a nation of illiterates, given that most literary figures and artists are liberals?

  2. Liberalism is an ideology which ascribes individual poverty and failure and irresponsibility to government, to evil corporations, and to selfish and greedy “rich” people, giving a pass to those who manage to attain failure all on their own.

    Liberalism’s mantra is, “It’s not your fault”!

    Whether or not we start from unfortunate circumstance, ultimate responsibility for success rests with individuals, not governments, not corporations, and not wealthy people who have already figured out how to succeed in our system where excellence is the only quality required to achieve.

    The black population was far better educated, and upwardly mobile, in the 1940’s before the civil rights movement gave black Americans a reason and a villain to blame for their plight.

    The philosophies of liberalism so embraced have indentured the poor to their circumstance.

    Dependence on independent excellence and creativity emanating from an individual’s soul, for autonomous sustenance, is a conservative concept abhorred by those who want people dependent on government.

    Liberals control our education system, if they didn’t destroy it, who did?

  3. “The black population was far better educated, and upwardly mobile, in the 1940’s before the civil rights movement gave black Americans a reason and a villain to blame for their plight.”


    oh yes

    that’s right

    life was way better before civil rights

  4. Crumbdumbass,

    I didn’t say that, but there was less poverty among the black population and their level of education was much better.

  5. Yeah, so, do you have any evidence of this claim? Because the counter-evidence is pretty strong and it comes in the form of legislation specifically designed to reduce black social mobility!

  6. Jim,
    At least liberals don’t moralise to people about their personal lives, unlike some hypocritical neoconservatives – their mantra being “it’s all your fault!”

    Presumably this was the case for black people in the Deep South before the civil rights movement when they experienced huge levels of unemployment compared to the rest of the country and were segregated away from mainstream society? Whose fault was it? Why, it must have been their own fault of course!

    It’s very convenient for governments to push the responsibility for failures onto individuals themselves. Long term unemployment? Nothing to do with us. Poverty? Low literacy rates? Don’t look here. Individuals have a part to play in their own destiny for sure, but it is ludicrous, for instance, to entirely blame a disabled single mum for all the problems she experiences, or a child born into poverty for not being able to get escape it.

  7. Hey, kids! Let’s see what the cause of the poor education at Douglass High is!

    “Teaching becomes secondary, and discipline is the main thing that goes on. I don’t feel like I’m making a difference anymore.””

    Hm! Discipline problems prevent the teachers from doing their jobs!

    “Out of its 1,100 students, 200 to 300 are absent each day.”

    Student delinquency leads to poor education? Why, I never!

    “little parental interest in their children’s education”

    That couldn’t be a cause of delinquency…could it? Ha ha, no way!

    “Only one-half of the school’s 500 incoming freshmen ninth-graders return for their sophomore year and far fewer remain for graduation”

    Students flee from the school? Could it be that they see how awful it is and go elsewhere for a better education? Impossible!

    “Prior to desegregation Douglass and Baltimore’s Paul Laurence Dunbar High School were the only two high schools in Baltimore that admitted African American students.”

    Obviously, the past students of Douglass High School represented the achievements of all of Baltimore’s blacks. After all, two schools should be plenty to educate the entire black population, right?

    Oh and this http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/06/22/AR2008062202263.html

    “Then there’s Sharnae, a young aspiring rapper, describing her life at 16: “Home is a place where you lay your head. . . . I’ve been independent myself for five years. I don’t know anyone living with their mother and father. . . . I wish my life was different.””

    “with integration, the black middle class scattered to the suburbs, leaving inner city schools like Douglass behind.”

    Hm! Could it be that the successful families that valued education left Douglass behind for poor, uninterested families to occupy? Is the cause of the poor education at Douglass the poor or non-existent parenting of many students?

    Hahahahahaha, are you stupid? It’s desegregation’s fault!

  8. I almost forgot: Douglass High School is entirely representative of the scholastic achievements of the entire black population! Look what desegregation has done!!

  9. Who ever said anything was desegregation’s fault?

    You answer your own question crumb, “Hm! Could it be that the successful families that valued education left Douglass behind for poor, uninterested families to occupy? Is the cause of the poor education at Douglass the poor or non-existent parenting of many students?”

    These are exactly the people that liberal programs focus on helping.

    You’ve basically said it yourself; how can government help these people when they don’t even want to help themselves?

  10. Excellent point! But you forgot one small detail: it’s the Bush administration that introduced No Child Left Behind!

    Also you did blame desegregation. Sorry dude, I just calls em like I sees em!

    “The black population was far better educated, and upwardly mobile, in the 1940’s before the civil rights movement gave black Americans a reason and a villain to blame for their plight.”

  11. Also laffo that a handful of the 2000 black students in Baltimore before desegregation somehow represented the entire black population of the US.

  12. Liberals are so bent ont perverting our education system in the name of fairness, they once embraced “EBONICS” as a means of assuring illiteracy among poor young blacks for generations to come and a jolly good reason to vote democrat. Of course this means they think blacks are too stupid to keep up with their counterparts, but whats new about that.
    Everything they do is to dumb down our ed system so anything breathing can pass muster, under the guise we are all equal. – equally stupid apparently.
    Unfortunately the rest of the world doesn’t speak “RETARD” so your flock who can’t even fill out a job application intelligently, will be destined to live on the dole to put food in their mouths.
    Instead of weening people off welfare by better educating them so they fare better in the workplace, the well meaning liberals will pump out droves of drooling halfwits, who will spend the rest of their lives standing in line at the food bank with their pants hanging halfway down their ass, clawing at each other like rats for their monthly allotment of government cheese.

    Education means NOTHING to liberals, they even detest the grading system of A to F as unfair to the lesser persons feelings. In other words dont even let him know he isn’t pulling his weight. Keep him stupid. Instead of math teach him diversity. Instead of history teach him gay awareness issues. He wont need any of this crap when he’s in the cheese line anyway!

    “In Obama’s brave new world there may not be diplomas on the wall but they’ll be cheese on every table.” (Hey that sounds like a witty inaugural snippit)

  13. “Of course this means they think blacks are too stupid to keep up with their counterparts, but whats new about that.”

    Well, since it was the AWFUL HATEFUL RACIST LIBERALS who advocated for desegregation, civil rights and racial integration on the basis that the races are equal, it would have to be a pretty new development that they were actually all racists all along!

  14. Crumble,
    You forgot to mention Lincoln who started it all – oops! he’s a republican. Imagine that…. the greatest act in the name of civil rights, and racial equality was concocted by a horrible republican. OUCH!, that must hurt.

    You know him, you love him, its Honest Abe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And you’ve got senator BYRD, Now what was it he is noted for……..I seem to forget what it was in his liberal past that is of historical note, maybe you could refresh my memory.

  15. Hey, I’m not the one who claims that democrats are liberal and republicans are conservative, so I haven’t contradicted myself at all!

    And you might want to look into the history of the republican party – it turns out they used to be the “radical liberals”!

  16. P.S. Lincoln was also a COMMIE FASCIST who trampled over the Constitution! WHERE’S YOUR GOD NOW

  17. So Lincoln was a commie fascist when he was a radical liberal – now you’re making sense.

    As far as GOD is concerned everyone knows thats Reagans moniker.

    Just like Rosie O donnel holds YOUR baton.

  18. By the way you neglected to respond to the senator Bob Byrd question so I’ll do it for you.

    Other than being a star recruiter and grand puba for the exhalted KKK in Virginia for many years his other his other advancement programs for black america includes the following:

    During the 1940s Senator Byrd spent two “ELECTED” terms as a recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan in West Virginia. Senator Byrd was one of the DEMOCRATS That tried to prevent the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Bill with a Filibuster. Senator Byrd was among the Democrats that voted AGAINST the 1964 Civil Rights act.

    In a letter to Mississippi Senator Bilbo in 1947, Senator Byrd wrote “never submit to fight beneath the banner [the American flag] with a Negro by my side. Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”

    Thats his contribution to civil rights as an elected official of the democratic party.

    You should be proud to count yourself among their bretheren……..HYPOCRITE

  19. Do you actually not have any reading comprehension skills at all?

    A) I said I do not identify Democrats as liberals or Republicans as conservatives, yet you continue to argue as if I were a card-carrying Democrat

    B) “Lincoln is an example of how great the Republican Party is now! Except his leanings were opposite to the values of the modern party. But he was a fascist liberal so there I got you again, democrats! Ha ha!”

    I can’t even tell what you’re gibbering about in that “Rosie O’Donell” comment. Reagan’s moniker is “radical liberal”? Rosie O’Donell is somehow relevant at all to anything said here in even a peripheral way? Maybe it’s that I don’t subsist on shitty talking points “news”, but I don’t know a thing about her except that she’s ugly and noisy. But feel free to bandy her about as if it means anything at all!

  20. You are quite testy this evening. Didn’t get yo gubmint cheese?

    Distancing yourself from Rosie O pigface doesnt make you any less of a far left loon if the rhetoric you drivel is any indication. True you may not know her personally but I lump you in with her as your philosophy and logic run distinct parallels. sorry this point passed you by, maybe next time I’ll attach a shiney bobble to it.
    I refer to liberals in general and some democrats in particular. Of course with my “limited reading comprehension skills” I hadn’t realised some people need it spelled out.

    Also the point with Byrd is that he is not just a minor player in the party but an exhalted leader who represents everything dispicable in polititions today. Its a disgrace to every decent person in this country that this man is in office. Moreover he’s flourished for nearly 50 years as a figurehead of his party, and to condone liberals IN GENERAL as the ones most caring and idealistic, you must at least recognise their prized posession and codone him as well or reject the whole ideology as he is the most representative of their ilk. Of course if you wish to overlook this slight blemish you can always place your admiration on the second most respected man in the club, that murdering drunk from massachusetts. You and all your liberal freakshow doubletalkers are what I like to refer to as domestic terrorists, as you are trying to destroy our AMERICAN way of life to fit your stinking perverted “no accountability” lifestyle.
    Sad enough people like you exist, sadder yet the inevitability of wollowing in that filth every time a democrat lands in the oval office (since Kennedy that is, before him they were patriotic) actually Carter wasn’t moraly bankrupt just the most ineffectual bumbling incompetant slog the world has ever had to endure….Did I leave anybody out? I’d hate to run off to tennis without lambasting some uppity negro as you put it, like all us conservatives do..You must be a genius.

  21. Actually Byrd was an old tymey Dixiecrat who held onto the racist past of the Democrat party from back when the Republicans were abolitionists and liberals, but good try! Like the Republicans, the Democrats have changed a bit in the past 40 years! Why, Strom Thurmond is dead!

    I still don’t know what this Rosie O’Donell thing has to do with anything, but I’m glad you’re pushing the [nonexistent] point on her! It was something that needed to be said, even though you’re the only one who gets it!

    You clearly cannot distinguish between a liberal and a democrat, even when you yourself bring up an illiberal democrat and somehow treat him as a treasure of liberalism.

    Anyway, I’m tired of this childish partisanism. I’d be a little more into it if I were actually a democrat. Have fun insulting someone who doesn’t exist!

  22. Since you clearly refuse to embrace who you are, I’m afraid I must glean your profile using deductive reasoning skills and your diatribes as a guide. therefore I have itemized for your therapeautic pleasure the following account of your most telling attributes.

    You are:

    A) gay.

    B) half man half woman (crumblina)

    C) living in your mothers basement (and perhaps wear braces)

    D) a closet pedophile (with a quirky penchant for beastiality)

    E) an illegal alien

    F) were once bullied by gun totin’ ruffians as an asmatic child

    G) posess a room temperature I.Q. when at your ivy league best.

    H) prone to tantrums when confronted intelligently

    I) were once arrested for having “relations” with a hollowed out pumpkin behind a roadside fruitstand in an obscure Iowa town, where in jail you experienced the real thing first hand at the behest of seven grinning mexican fruitpickers who played out a scene from DELIVERANCE while you squealed around the cell with an apple in your mouth.

    J) On a whim, and too nerdly to aquire by any other means, took a gamble and mail ordered a Russian bride. Everything went fine until at your fathers annual bar-b-que when your blushing bride took a dive into the pool and her big hairy russian nutbag came a floppin out of her swimsuit, humiliating you to the extent of which you never fully recovered.

    H) discovered you rather enjoy the company of those with said dangling appendages, and chose to throw in with other like minded individuals and become a lifelong liberal DEMOCRAT in the never ending persuit of higher ideals and lower morals.

    I) actually made it only as far as the sixth grade, but this being the internet bequeathed himself a college graduate with honors much like the scarecrow from wizard of oz, and be damned anyone who says otherwise! go ahead! prove it! and unicorns too! see em all the time!


  23. A brilliant retort,
    Uncharacteristically brief, yet understandably lacking, and after all the lonely hours I spent in the FBI basement pouring over the sodomy records until I uncovered the “pumpkins’ complaint” …….I feel short changed.

    This childish and petty name calling in leiu of hard facts is something I culled from you by the way, and you should be flattered.
    Knowing cold hard facts bounce off your liberal armor like water off a ducks back, I thought I would take a different tack and bombard you with nothing but slanderous juvinile insults hoping you would feel more comfortable in your element, but obviously it only works one way……I guess I should better familiarize myself with the rules of the Harvard debate club. Drat your ivy league loopholes!!!!

  24. It’s a laff and a half that you went from semi-rational arguments to “you’re a doodyhead! this is what you sound like! neener neener!”

  25. JohnnyMcB

    I blew my milk out of my nose when I read about the Russian Bride’s hairy nut bag.


  26. I bet if The National Enquirer printed some sleazy Republican sex scandal next week we might see this article retracted.

  27. Probably not, because as we all know, more DEMOCRATS are involved in scandals than Republicans [and this somehow exhonerates Republicans from their own scandals]. Nevermind that the Democrats’ supporters don’t especially care about sex scandals and the Republicans run campaigns based around sexlessness as a virtue. It’s the DEMOCRATS who are hypocrites!

    I’ve just summarised the response to any future Republican scandal for you. Cheers!

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