Smarter Than Any Democrat

For those of us in our forties who have enjoyed Rush Limbaugh commentaries for nearly half of our lives, the smears and disingenuous assaults from Harry Reid and the iniquitous Senator Tom Harkin, against the lovable little fuzz ball, engender anger these senators readily discount to their peril.

With an approval rating somewhere around fifteen percent, making the President’s insipid thirty look stellar, you might think idiot congressional leaders would tread lightly in denigrating the most popular radio host in the country.

To hear leading Democrat’s tell it, Rush Limbaugh is polluting the air waves with hate speech and vitriol so egregious that we zombie listeners are only one step away from Hitleresque atrocities spurred on by Limbaugh’s mesmerizing and seductive speech.

The twenty million or so of us who tune in everyday do so without any thoughts of our own like little Stepford children awaiting orders from the great one.

It reminds me of a line from a Charles Manson biography entitled, In His Own Words, where Charlie laments, Whenever I start to think I possess the powers attributed to me and try to put the whammy on my prison guard, he slams the cell door and me back to reality.

Democrats have convinced themselves that Rush Limbaugh has some magical exploitive powers.   He actually encourages people to learn about our history, understand our Nation’s foundations, and support the government our Founders blessed America with.   The audacity Rush Limbaugh actually thinks average Americans should have any thoughts of their own.

Evil bastard.

The fifteen percenters are so dense they don’t realize Rush Limbaugh doesn’t make us, we make Rush Limbaugh.   Twenty million of us tune in everyday, to listen, to learn, and to be reassured that America is not as close to Communist rule as our Democrat leaders would like.  

Rush speaks for each one of us disgusted with the left wing social agenda bent on penalizing hard work, rewarding mediocrity, and promoting the class warfare ideals pioneered by Lenin and Marx.

When Rush Limbaugh is egregiously, inaccurately, and deliberately dishonestly attacked, twenty million of us feel the arrows pierce.   We don’t all articulate as well as Rush, we don’t all have his knowledge of history and politics, and we don’t all know how to argue points with well scripted liberals, but we do all share one important belief, the United States of America is one nation under God, and we all have inalienable rights guaranteed by our Creator.

Democrats do not believe it, and each day they work to usurp those rights, and to usurp the straight forward language of the Constitution, ergo, the living document .

Contrast that to Alexander Hamilton’s proclamation, Constitutions should consist only of general provisions, the reason is that they must necessarily be permanent, and they cannot calculate for the possible change of things.

That doesn’t sound like a living document to me.

As long as the American people embrace moralistic and responsible values, Democrats cannot effectively institute their ultimate agenda.

Promising government entitlements to be strewn out no charge gets them so far, but it can’t get them all the way to utopia.   That achievement will require the total destruction of American culture where self-reliance, honor, optimism, effort, and excellence, are all subjugated in favor of State controls.

Rush Limbaugh fights that march each day he broadcasts, and each day twenty million of us support him and thank him for his effort.

As for Senator Reid, and Senator Harkin’s bombastic accusations of Rush’s imagined current drug abuse, Rush could be strung out on every drug known to man, drunk, and whacked out by Alzheimer’s, and he’d still be smarter than any Democrat.

Even with half his brain tied behind his back.


For those who are not daily listeners of Rush’s program, I would note, it is a centerpiece of his broadcast to admire, to thank, and to exhibit a genuine feeling of appreciation for those men and women in uniform fighting for America’s freedoms.   He exhibits genuine humility and gratefulness for their service, daily.

For Senator Reid and Harkin to suggest Rush has maligned any of our soldiers is beyond ridiculous.   The accusations are deliberate and malevolent lies which illustrate one of Rush’s main themes, Democrats cannot win with truthful, direct, and objective debate.

If character matters, it might be instructive to know that Senator Harkin has repeatedly lied about his military service throughout his political career, proclaiming service in Viet Nam which never occurred.  

Senator Reid has also made profit through questionable financial dealings where his position undoubtedly was used to encourage the transactions.

Both senators have been indignant in discussing these occurrences, and each can be researched through Wikipedia, not exactly a right wing smear site.  

Contrast their actions to Rush’s handling of a very public addiction to prescription drugs where he went through rehab and humbly communicated facts of his addiction and rehabilitation to his audience.


Copyright 2007 Jim Pontillo


8 thoughts on “Smarter Than Any Democrat

  1. That was the best response to the Democrats attack on Rush that I’ve read so far. If your 9C1 is as smooth as your eloquence, I’m ready to place my order now!

  2. We regular listeners are perplexed that there is even an issue about Rush and the troops. Apparently the flap has been created to try to further divide his listeners and the occasional listeners or non-listeners. Censure by congress or removal from the air for verbally abusing the troops are not even a serious consideration. Listen to the full tape of the broadcast. Reid’s statements are specious at best, libelous at the worst.

    • This Rush Limbaugh incident has tunred into a circus. This student has been completely discredited in my opinion. She is an activist and contraception is her issue. As an activist myself, I encourage people to get involved in things that they care about and fight for them. But this young woman has, with a straight face, testified before a committee that young women attending law school at Georgetown couldn’t afford birth control and therefore, government must step up to take care of it. First of all, my daughter attended Georgetown Law School and this was not even on our radar screen. It is very expensive to attend there and we were constantly juggling monies around to pay tuition, buy books, pay rent, buy food. I don’t recall this subject ever coming up while my daughter was a law student. Sarah Fluke, the Georgetown student, should be concentrating a little more on her studies and not so much on her extra curricular activities. After all, why is she attending anyway? Silly me, I thought it was to get an education and become a good lawyer. That was certainly the reason my daughter attended Georgetown.VN:F [1.9.14_1148](from 0 votes)

  3. The shallow well from which these attacks on Rush are derived ran dry years ago. If you look back they are just saying the same things to a different demographic. (disenfranchising minorities then, soldiers now) The dems are crafty where manipulation is concerned.

  4. Rush stands for all of us and defends what we believe to hold true – Three traditional virtues: God, country and family.

    Democrats on the other hand only believe what Media Matters and tell them to.

  5. The notion that ordinary Americans think is frightening and inconceivable to Democrats and others on The Left.

  6. “The notion that ordinary Americans think is frightening and inconceivable to Democrats and others on The Left. ”

    That’s because those who support the Dems DON’T think, are incapable of it, and can only react like pavlov’s puppies whenever the liberal bell is rung. Or to put it another way, liberals are dogs and Conservatives are cats. The fact that Dems are put in power by slavish dogs who are happy for any attention at all leads them to believe there are no cats in the world. Discovering that there ARE cats in the world, who can’t be cajoled to give up their independence just for a belly rub, comes as a shock to them. It screws up their world view. And that scares them. Reality always does.

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