Smashing Little White Dots

News broadcasts reported that the U. S. military disposed of Al Qaeda terrorists in Somalia with an AC-130 gunship today.  I was curious and searched the net to find the following video: (AC-130 in Afghanistan).

Wow!  Watching little white dots scurry across the screen, I was grateful it was Americans wielding these awesome weapons.  I couldn’t help but feel just a tad bit sorry for the little white dots, they were screwed.  (The heat of a person’s body showed up as contrasting little white ghosts on the target control screen inside the AC-130; escape was clearly out of the question.)  My empathy waned, however, when I recognized it’s us or them; and we didn’t start this fight.  The blogs that accompanied this video lamented how terrible it was to annihilate these poor defenseless soles.  Wah, wah, wah, not nearly as terrible as it would be if some of those little white dots were Americans.  Besides, killing bad guys is always good policy.

For quite a few moments after seeing this video I ruminated about America’s use of military power.  How differently we use it, compared to say our efforts in World War II.  That was an all out brawl, and we threw everything we had at it.  When it was over, we were respected the world over, even by France!  We executed Hitler’s top management at Nuremberg, we forced Japan to unconditional surrender, and we forced upon these nations our form of government and our superior morality based on God not country.

Contrast that to the spectacle in Viet Nam where we ran with our tail between our legs, abandoned our allies, and left a third world nation to boil and stew, which in turn lead to the Khmer Rouge killing 3 million in Cambodia.  Today, we are just about to do the same thing in Iraq.

Now the United States of America finds itself the scourge of the world.  We are hated throughout Europe and the Arab nations.  Saudi Arabia acts like they are our friend because it is convenient, but plenty of terrorist money still originates there, lest we not forget the nationality of fifteen of nineteen 9/11 hijackers.

We are like hypocritical parents who smoke pot in front of our teenagers then tell them not to.  The world doesn’t know where we stand.  Sometimes we smash little white dots, sometimes we don’t.  When we do, we just appear to be the class bully beating up on school kids, and we are continually accused of this inside our country and abroad.

We should present our policies to the world clearly and succinctly, and then smash evil each and every time we confront it.  We don’t tolerate North Korea building nuclear weapons after they made a deal not to.  We don’t allow Iran to vocalize and encourage the total destruction of Israel.  We make nice videos decimating little white dots and promise more of the same when our policies are violated.

When I was a kid, my dad told me what to do, and I did it.  If I didn’t, he beat the crap out of me.  After one or two crap beatings I didn’t disobey him anymore; I am better off for it, and I respected my dad.  A politically correct upbringing, I did not have.

Some suggest that it is not the United States’ place to play daddy.  If we don’t, who will?  Do we want France and their disastrous economic policies to be the beacon for the world?  How about Iran and their immoral theocracy?  Perhaps Hugo Chavez will take the reins; his idolatry of Noam Chomsky will certainly bring the world terrific socialist decrees.  Like it or not, if we don’t lead, someone else will.  We can exert our influence and make the world a better place, or we can continue to do what we have done and appease evil.

Appeasement never accomplishes lasting peace, it exacerbates and emboldens opposition.  We must impose peace.  We dropped the Atom bomb on Japan and now look; they are nice as pie.  North Korea flips us the bird, Iran moons us, and Syria openly sponsors our terrorist enemies.  Our politicians debate and complain, and they act like we are in some unsolvable quagmire.  What’s so tough?  One B2 bomber mission or one missile launch from an American sub, and vuala, Syria, Iran, and North Korea…nice as pie.

To allow these puny third world nations to demand equal time is irresponsible.  They do nothing for world stability and only venture to damage it for their own arrogant and misguided sense of pride which the United States has encouraged through vacillation and weak action.  When do we really exert our authority for the sake of our country and the sake of the world?  Maybe if we show the world how easily we smash little white dots, continuously and obdurately, they will get the message before their audacity and arrogance creates an environment where we really need to defend ourselves and make big white radioactive clouds.

Copyright 2007 Jim Pontillo

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  1. Right on. This blog rocks! little white dots are screwed.. never be a white dot……..

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