The Dumbest 41

On October 2, 2007, Harry Reid of Nevada, on official United States Senate stationary, penned a letter to Mr. Mark Mays, CEO of Clear Channel Communications, lamenting comments made by the leading talk radio personality in the world, Rush Limbaugh.

In typical Democrat style, the letter was laced with hyperbole, half-truths (or less), and rhetoric all too befitting this self-anointed hypocritical and sanctimonious knight.    

Senator Reid postures himself savior and arbiter of decency while railing against one of the most patriotic and humble admirers of American Service Men and Women in our country.

The phony soldier comment attributed to Mr. Limbaugh by the irrational Senator, suggested Rush was denigrating any soldier who spoke against the war and deliberately obfuscated the fact that Limbaugh’s comment was ascribed specifically to one individual who had been kicked out of the service after 44 days and then went on to report untrue and outlandish atrocities carried out by American Service Men in Iraq.  

Additionally, this soldier’s lies were so egregious and inflammatory he was prosecuted for them and sentenced to five months in prison; and this is the best advocate Democrats could find to support their cause.

Senator Reid’s letter sites statistics showing dissatisfaction among service members in prosecution of this war, and also recognizes seven soldiers who wrote an op-ed expressing concern over Iraq strategy.   Somehow, these citations bolster Reid’s opinion that Rush disparaged our soldiers.

This is the same logic that vilifies President Bush for vetoing an expansion of SCHIP and lying about the people who would be denied care by the veto; then parading out citizens already treated with SCHIP funds who would not qualify under Bush’s veto of an expansion of the program.   In other words, anyone being treated through SCHIP currently will continue to receive SCHIP assistance regardless of Bush’s veto.

Reid is an idiot; or worse, he’s not an idiot, he’s an evil demagogue who knows idiots populate the Democrat constituency and is encouraging them to hate based on a lie.

Reid closes out his letter by asking Clear Channel’s CEO to repudiate Rush’s comments and demand that he apologize.

Now the best part:

Reid got 40 of his dumbest cohorts (two running for President) to sign this official correspondence and acknowledge their support of an obviously untrue disclosure.   41 United States Senators have deliberately signed an official document which can unquestionably be shown to be false.

Better is the best best part:

The CEO of Clear Channel gave the letter to Rush who has placed it on Ebay to raise money for American Marine families killed in Iraq.   I wanted to bid on the letter to my wife’s chagrin.   She needn’t worry however, the letter is currently bid up well over one hundred thousand dollars, a bit more than I can afford.   Rush is going to match the funds raised by this auction for the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation and has asked all the Senators to match this donation as well.

Who is it who really supports our troops?

One has to scratch their head and ask, Hey dumb Senators, what did you think Rush was going to do with this letter?

While Rush is maligned by 41 idiot Senators:

Sean Penn, Harry Bellefonte, and Danny Glover support and admire Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.

Graham Nash and David Crosby state on TV that our soldiers are deliberately killing Iraqi women and children.

Bruce Springsteen suggests Bush policies go against our Constitution, yet he exhibits not a bit of contempt for assault on the First Amendment by the Fairness Doctrine.

In Washington D.C., the Second Amendment is not applicable to American citizens.

San Francisco does not allow military recruiters on public school campuses.

Where is the official Senate letter condemning these realties?

There isn’t going to be one because these Senators are anti-American, anti-Constitution, totalitarian ideologues who believe in a world order where the United States of America is subservient to an international body.   They believe American sovereignty should be subjugated to this superior moral world entity where “open minded” cooler heads who don’t believe in the hocus pocus of God and Creator prevail.   They are driven by sensible scientific explanations for our existence on earth.

In their view, Endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights is commentary which does not have literal meaning.   The words are part of a greater whole living document to be applied by the appointed interpreters of the day where the essence of America is not within reach of the pedestrian man or women citizen capable of reading words, but reserved to those special appointees possessing wisdom and understanding of this delicate new world order.

The dumbest 41 would make any socialist proud.

America’s Founders would be underwhelmed.


For the record, ten Senators on the left refused to sign this embarrassing letter, although some of these chicken shits still used the opportunity to disparage Rush because of their ideological differences:

Evan Bayh                             D-Indiana
Jeff Bingham                     D-New Mexico
Maria Cantwell                 D-Washington
Russell Feingold             D-Wisconsin
Tim Johnson                       D-South Dakota
Herb Kohl                               D-Wisconsin
Claire McCaskill               D-Missouri
Ben Nelson                           D-Nebraska
Mark Pryor                             D-Arkansas

Joseph Lieberman       I-Connecticut


Copyright 2007 Jim Pontillo  

11 thoughts on “The Dumbest 41

  1. Yeah -it’s up to $851,000 on EBAY now.

    It was pure genius. These idiots deserve to get swatted with turnabout on them.

  2. It figures some rich conservative would waste a bunch of money like this on some stupid letter when people are going without health care!

    The Democrats are right. We need to raise taxes on the rich.

  3. Janice can you read?
    “Rush is going to match the funds raised by this auction for the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation and has asked all the Senators to match this donation as well.

    Who is it who really supports our troops?”

    Janice, Should the Government Provide Free Universal Health Care for All Americans?

    There isn’t a single government agency or division that runs EFFICIENTLY. do we really want an organization that developed the U.S. Tax Code handling something as complex as health care?

    “Free” health care isn’t really free since “we” (you & I) must pay for it with taxes. expenses for health care would have to be paid for with higher taxes for the working man not the rich as you think…. There’s an entitlement mentality (like you janice) in this country that believes the government should give us a number of benefits such as “free” health care. But the government must pay for this somehow.

    Free (Government-controlled) health care doesn’t work, look up Canada, Russia, United Kingdom & so on & so on…

    Communists like you wolud make are Founding Fathers of the United States Sick………..

  4. Yea for Rush!

    I live in Nevada and Harry Reid is at an all time low. He has pulled so many scams here since being elected only to line his own pockets.

    Health care should remain in the private sector. There are so few doctors in this state now we have to wait for three months to see one. I can’t imagine what a disaster it would be if the health care system was taken over by the Feds. We would die waiting for medical care.

    Our forefathers would be turning over in their graves if they could see what our country is becoming.

    The problem with the extreme left is that they are more interested in power and money, and will say and do anything to get elected.

    We need a strong America, and we will only get it from politicians on the right.  I don’t agree with everything Bush has done, but at least he is trying to protect our country.

    These idoits want to silence any talk show host that speaks out againt them.

    What happened to freedom of speech.

    Go Rush, Go.

  5. I wish the TRUE story of the term Phony Soldiers would get the Media attention it deserves.

    You did a great job on the blog. Let’s see if it resurfaces anywhere else.


  6. Bravo my good man…bravo…could not have written that better myself. I am sick of these America hating morons.

  7. seriously dude…. what a bunch of douches. God, the military should just take over the government dammit hahahaha. But seriously. It’s pretty sad that their best advocate was a dildo who had only been in 44 days. That’s pretty sad honestly. Anyone should be able to make it through army boot.

  8. I sent Barbra Boxer (my senator) an email asking her that since she signed a letter from Dingy Harry repudiating Rush, I now expected her to write a letter of repudiation for Dingy when he told our troops they were loosers and that the war was lost… demoralizing, and un American. When she writes that letter I want to sign it!!

  9. The moronic comment from Janice prompts me to observe that the poor have, for too long now, gotten way too free a ride in this country.

    It’s time to raise taxes on the poor. They should collectively be paying at least as much as the 85% of total revenues collected from the top 10% income earners. Then when they’re “paying their fair share” they can bellyache.

  10. In reference to The Bat’s comment on Janice’s idiotic comment, the Liberals are not going to tax the poor. I started out life with some pretty liberal values … then I started paying taxes and realized that all these pie-in-the-sky ideals cost money. So now that I saw the light, I am a Conservative on most issues. The more people that are feeding at the public teat, the more power the Libs have.

  11. Ever notice how liberals just can’t seem to focus on, and address, the point? This article was about lies, troops, and liberal hypocracy. Janice didn’t seem to comprehend any of that. So she trots out one of the liberal “catch all” retorts. Focuses on how much money the letter is accruing in bids, but entirely misses the point of where that money is going – to troop welfare funds. Now see, she also misses the point about conservatives and liberals in so far as what they’d do with your money. Conservatives are deciding to give their money to a worthy cause through this ingenious turn-about on the whining and lying Dem senators. But liberals, you see, just want to TAKE our money from unwilling hands and put it to unworthy causes that achieve nothing, often make the problem worse, and build up government powers over us. The biggest myth we have to defeat is the commie/liberal/media one that it is the Conservatives who are the dumb ones and the leftists who are the smart ones.

    Who wants to stick with a program that has worked for us since 1789? Conservatives. Who wants to take us toward social communism which has failed everywhere it’s been tried? Liberals. And how dumb do you have to be to not be able to discern that? Either Janice is a product of the dumbed-down liberal public schools system, and can’t read and comprehend enough to make a valid comment…….OR, she could not find a thing factual to refute, so she like most liberals makes some assinine sidebar comment spouting one of the mindless liberal way cries….”Tax The Rich!!! That’ll fix all problems!”

    God save me from these liberal “intellectuals”

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