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It was quite entertaining to hear news reports proclaim that liberals read more than conservatives do and to think after all that reading they are still dumbasses without critical thinking skills!   I guess that explains how our institutions of higher learning graduate so many morons.   (Believe me I know, I’ve employed a few.)

The reports were of course insinuating that liberals were either more intelligent or more knowledgeable than conservatives, and in typical drive-by media fashion liberal pundits abundant expounded on the theme explaining it is very difficult to write books over and over that say no new taxes, no new taxes, no new taxes and well of course liberals read more!

I could take exception with the liberal assertions and show empirical examples which disprove these claims, but there lies the folly in my thought; I think logical arguments are just the proper medicine to affect confused and otherwise irrational liberal convictions.

This news report is typical of the left, take a poll rigged with liberal participants, or don’t take a poll at all and say that you did, and then fill in the results you want to see.   Report the findings with staunch obdurate conviction, and vuala, conservatives are dumb.

One of my favorite activities is to announce that Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter are my two favorite Americans when I am surrounded in a social setting with individuals who lean left.   The responses are predictable and strewn universally without even a tinge of thought, only peppered with the favorite liberal epithets racist , selfish , mean-spirited , stupid , etc.

I always answer the sanctimonious and rhetorical contempt with the same simple question, So what is it that Ann (or) Rush said that was not true?

The awkward moment of silence goes on for a moment until someone blurts out, It’s not what they say, it’s how they say it.

Well you have to understand satire to have an appreciation for their commentaries; typically it takes an elevated IQ to understand good satire.  

I probably would be better off to leave out the elevated IQ barb, but I just can’t resist a good dig.   Needless to say, that comment is usually followed by pandemonium and epithets directed straight at me once they figure out what the hell I actually said.

After the insults die down I usually follow up by asking, So what exactly are the liberal values you espouse?

Liberal and values are two words that don’t belong in the same sentence, but after my opponents scratch their heads for a while, they usually form some sort of convoluted consensus which doesn’t describe any particular set of values, but instead laments their view that the United States is a terrible place, but Sudan, Venezuela, and Cuba are just great.

I’ll normally try to evoke some reason and some examples from my tormentors, but always to no avail.   Demanding that ridiculous and bewildered opinions should be backed up by some sort of logical or sensible argument usually ends my little foray with me being an ass.

If I am disagreeable or negative I usually try to include some cogent reasons for my disdain, but I guess that’s what happens when you read less than a liberal.

Being a voracious reader doesn’t do you much good if the stuff you are reading doesn’t make any sense to begin with, and worse, if you don’t have the ability to decipher fact from propaganda.   Liberals bragging about the quantity of material they consume is not exactly flattering when their favorite authors include Noam Chomsky, Che Guevera, and Karl Marx.

If you want to read literature that celebrates American ingenuity, excellence, and prosperity, and wish to embrace the concepts in your own life that have guaranteed opportunity for all, and will defend liberty and freedom, you can search many titles at

If you want to see incoherent ramblings from Michael Moore and Al Franken go here:


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