The Next Mushroom Cloud

It’s been six weeks since I last wrote about Israel receiving missiles from Gaza, additional fusillades arrived this week.   Those Arabs are sure generous.

I spent five months in Israel between 1978 and 1979.   My most notable memory is of the optimism and nationalism of Israeli citizens.   They are faced with an impossible predicament with hostile Syrians to the north, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Jordan to the east, Egypt, Libya, and Sudan to the south, and the Mediterranean and Gaza to the west.   Israel is truly surrounded by enemies with no where to go; and it’s a tiny country, smaller than the state of Vermont.

Not only have their immediate neighbors been hostile, Iran provides plenty of support to hostilities and Iraq would as well, however, our Hitler President has them preoccupied.

The fact that this little country still exists after 60 years of turmoil makes you think divine intervention isn’t such a far-fetched idea after all.   You would think after historic lessons from the Walls of Jericho and the Six Day War it would be prudent to quit screwing with these Jews.

The President of Iran, I like to call him, That Whack Job , repeatedly has insinuated, stated, and unequivocally proclaimed Israel shall be wiped off the map.   Reoccurring descriptions of Tel Aviv being decimated by divine wind, storm and other colorful similes gives evidence to the mental state of orgasmic euphoria in his fantasies.   I personally don’t get much of an orgasmic boost in mass death and destruction, I’d rather nail some hot chick; now I sound like Bill Clinton?!

So while this maniac Ahmadinejad continues to pursue his quest to obtain nuclear weapons, Israel already has them.   That bears repeating.   Israel possesses nuclear bombs.  

Iran threatening Israel with nuclear destruction is kind of like Mexico threatening the United States with nuclear destruction.   Mexicans are smarter, they’re just going to beat the crap out of us with illegal immigration.

I digress, the point is even if Iran could drop a bomb on Tel Aviv and wipe out nearly half of Israel’s population, what is the response?   How many nuclear bombs does Israel have?   A dozen?   More?   They are not going to use those?   And what about the United States, we are just going to watch?   Possible if there is a Democrat in the White House, I naively like to think (probably to detriment) that even a Democrat would not allow such action without massive repercussion.

World Jewish population is about 13 million.   About 40% reside in Israel.   The United States is home to another 40% and the rest are scattered throughout the world.   Culturally, no nation on earth is as close to the United States as is Israel.   Not only does the U. S. have a large Jewish population, Israel’s system of government and their dedication to capitalism and individual freedoms mirrors ours.   Occupying the one little spot in the Middle East without a single drop of oil beneath it and virtually no natural resources, how else can one explain Israel’s vibrant economy and Israel’s military might enabling that little country of only five and a half million to dominate the militaries of the region comprising a population of more than 450 million?

As noble, as moral, and as powerful as Israel is, they are still vulnerable, and they really are on our front lines in the war on terror taking the brunt of our punishment; many Americans aren’t aware of it.

Washington needs to send much stronger warnings to the world where this most trusted ally is concerned. It must be understood that any extraordinary attack on Israel will be met with the full force of United States military power, and these aggressive and fascist theocracies need to know nuclear weapons are not off the table. Their clandestine and direct support of terrorism is transparent and destabilizing the entire region. It also makes a mockery of United States strength and authority. A little American pressure now can avoid the heavy pressure which must be applied later in the event of Arab nuclear aggression.

If the next mushroom cloud does originate from an Arab nation and does make its landfall in Israel or the United States, the era of humane and surgical warfare shall cease and as Isoruku Yamamoto lamented following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant

Vacillation and pacifism will embolden the enemy. Are we Americans  ready to awaken the giant from his slumber?

Copyright 2007 Jim Pontillo

2 thoughts on “The Next Mushroom Cloud

  1. Well Jim – five months in Israel? Yet another layer of the onion is peeled back.
    History has shown that most of Israel’s neighbors are stepping over each other to be the first to wipe her out.
    Now, with Iran openly stating that it’s just a matter of time until they nuke Israel, the world is put on notice that very dangerous times lie ahead.
    The U.S. can’t let Iran get anywhere near that point, which means we have to either cause Iran to back down through political pressure or by force.
    Either way, it could also mean significant interruptions in world energy supplies, which will effect all of our lives.


    The United States & Israel will use Nuclear Weapons to Dominate the World.BUT labeled “American imperialists” that our enemies always claimed we were.

    Why this administration has been unconcerned about an exit strategy from Iraq from the very beginning. We won’t be leaving. Once they conquer Iraq, the United States will create permanent military bases in that country from which to dominate the Middle East, including neighboring Iran.

    The Electronic high tech “Brains” are all ready established in Israel, for complete surveillance .Satellite tracking systems, both optical and radar, are among the most sophisticated and expensive military sensor technologies(Surveillance
    system command center). Monitoring such from the largest U.S. Embassy compound being built in Iraq. Why there. No accountability to American people. Weak Enforcement of international Law.

    Occupation will continue and expand to engulf all of the Middle East, while they fight each other.

    Given history and the importance of Middle East oil, Iraq has become what Eqbal Ahmad used to call “the geopolitical center of the struggle for world power.”

    It is difficult to believe that with the U.S. establishment having all but conceded defeat in Iraq, and with the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group having signaled that the United States needs the help of its rivals Iran and Syria – as well as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and other influential Middle Eastern nations – to contain the Iraqi civil war, the U.S. and Israel are still pursuing the war and building permanent military bases in the disintegrating nation. Yet, this is precisely what the Pentagon is doing.

    Whether the U.S. retains five or 15 “enduring bases,” its goal is clear: to keep its military hand on the “jugular vein” of global capitalism – as former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Maxwell Taylor described Middle East oil. This requires an intimidating infrastructure of deadly high-tech fortresses and the warriors that go with them.

    All U.S. troops must be brought home if there is to be a chance for peace in Iraq. If the region’s nations are to have any hope of finally exercising self-determination, and if the United States wants to regain the trust and support of the international community, its military bases must be closed – quickly and permanently.

    It all depends on how submissive the rest of the WORLD is. Right now there is no notable objection.

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