Where Did All the Americans Go?

The other day I ended an argument with my wife by yelling, I don’t think like a normal person, I think like an American!

In addition to ending the fight, the comment left a look of puzzlement on her face.   I didn’t bother explaining.

I believe crazy things.   I believe I can become a millionaire.   I believe I can become a billionaire.   I believe I can become the wealthiest man on earth.   I believe I can become President of the United States, a movie star, a captain of industry.

I can’t tell you how I might accomplish all these things; I can hazard a guess, but nearly fifteen years in business has taught me, if nothing else, things never go like you plan.  

I don’t imagine these things because Jim Pontillo is some extraordinary or some extra-special human specimen, I believe these things because that’s the way Americans are suppose to think.   At least that’s the way I was brought up.

I wasn’t much of a history student; for that matter I wasn’t much of a student period, but I did absorb one very important American ideal, we in the United States are free to succeed or fail, ultimately, we individuals decide.  

All men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights isn’t written into the Declaration of Independence to confuse us.   The clear eighteenth century language simply means: Government yields to the individual.  

Government hasn’t the power or authority to interfere with the moral goals, dreams, or aspirations of the individual.   Furthermore, the Declaration demanded that neither man nor government could rightly usurp this mandate; it was a decree from a higher power.

By subjugating America’s established reverence to God in favor of humanistic whim in the name of open-mindedness and of tolerance we have sacrificed the principles that insure democracy and freedom will thrive.   Our government’s propensity to feed itself at the expense of these concepts and at the expense of citizen freedoms has delivered us to one Founder’s timeless prognostications:  

Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people.   It is wholly inadequate for any other.

Democracy never lasts long.   It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself.   There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.

John Adams’ wise and measured words suggest no technological achievement, and no amount of sophistication can change the immutable character of man.

Today, Americans boast to be the most technologically advanced beings in human history; yet the people who put a man on the moon, In this decade and built the atomic bomb in just a few years to stop WWII in nothing flat, can’t figure out how to fix Social Security or Medicare.

It isn’t such an esoteric problem.   A seventh grader with decent math skills could figure it out.

Promote the General Welfare , doesn’t mean, Lazy people come on down, you’re the next contestant on Don’t do Shit!  

The entitlement debacle is a one way trip to American insignificance.   America didn’t become great by taking from the most productive in society and giving it to the least; and it certainly isn’t moral, reminding us of Adam’s cautionary ruminations.

How is it people in the United States have come to expect that government should take care of them?   Is this the new American culture?

Socialist politicians from F.D.R. on have convinced us that certain unalienable rights endowed by our Creator are not nearly as important as those unalienable entitlements endowed by government.   I don’t think these guys read the Declaration of Independence or U.S. Constitution, and if they did, discounted them as propaganda pieces.

Minimum wage, Social Security, Medicare, Farm Subsidies, Tax Breaks for Starbucks Coffee (evidently grinding coffee beans qualifies them a manufacturer), the list is endless, are designed to do one thing, empower government to conspire with big business and make the individual subservient, contrary to the concepts of our founding.  

The government, big business partnership locks out opportunity for enterprising individualists, rewards politicians with generous corporate donations, and rewards big business with tax preferences impossible for the little guy to get.  

And yet without the efficiencies driven by industrious competition big business encourages its own demise, and politicians choose corruption over service to their country to advance their careers.

To see how well this parasitic relationship works, along with the socialist philosophies championed by workers unions, and the irresponsible retirement programs that fund their payouts with future earnings instead of interest bearing savings, one should examine Ford Motor Company.  

At one time the world’s premier business, and America’s shining jewel, Ford has recently acquired massive loans where every asset it owns is used as collateral to stave off bankruptcy.

Today, citizens in the United States would rather buy Toyotas than Fords because Toyota has embraced American culture better than Ford has.

I wonder how it sits with generations of Ford workers knowing Ford’s failure has been hastened by the socialist policies of the UAW where pursuit of excellence has not been nearly as important as protecting mediocre and bad workers.

America was never meant to be a welfare state, in government or in business, and our greatness wilts from the attempt.   Plenty of people don’t agree with me, but then again, I’m not normal, I’m an American.

Copyright 2007 Jim Pontillo



Happy 231 America!

9 thoughts on “Where Did All the Americans Go?

  1. Unfortunately, not everyone is created equal as far as IQ and abilities are concerned.  So, for some they will look to the government for their entitlements; your grandfather was a perfect example.  I escaped that way of thinking when I married your father.  Now, how do we get the rest of the populace to think like an American.  Mom

  2. What are you trying to say? Sounds like normal people aren’t Americans and you are. Get a clue. Ford didn’t get killed by the UAW it got killed by bad management. As for government conspirng with big business, that is what you Republicans have supported for years.

  3. Those of us who work for or manage small to medium sized manufacturing businesses (who have traditionally provided most of the upwardly mobile jobs) are beginning to see the link between big business and government show itself as the true enemy of the middle class.
    As large manufacturers turn their factories into warehouses, and outsource manufacturing to low-cost labor countries, the secondary manufacturers fade away and hundreds of thousands of jobs are lost.
    The gap between rich and poor just continues to grow, and the government thinks this globalization is the best thing since sliced bread.

  4. “Provide for the General Welfare”

    That’s the common mistake. The document states “Promote” the general welfare. The change in that one word is the Liberals wet dream.

    good luck

  5. In the event you were referring to Article I Sect 8, the document states “provide for the common defence (sic) and general welfare OF THE UNITED STATES”.

    No mention of the individual…

  6. Perdido,

    You are right, the preamble does say “promote the general welfare”, and not “provide” as is stated in Section 8—Powers of Congress. Thanks for the correction.

    As for “individual”, I was not literally drawing from the Constitution, but figuratively acknowledging it was our Founder’s intentions to secure government with just enough power to accomplish its enumerated responsibilities, and not one bit more, all other power is vested within the states and people.

    In the words of James Madison, “When the people fear the government, you have tyranny. When the government fears the people, you have liberty.”

    Most acknowledge our Federal government is arrogant and fears nothing from the populace. The theme of this piece reflects that sad reality, but also recognizes government’s power has been procured through bribery which some of our citizens foolishly have embraced, hence, where are all the real Americans?

    I know you probably get that, but since we are spoon feeding liberals here…

  7. Derek-

    It appears you have little knowlege on the subject of unions in their current state and also the practices of the Republican party. Yes, unions once served a purpose, currently they are good for nothing and protect no one except for the poor to mediocre worker.
    Your claim that Ford was done in by poor managers reinforces the point that the UAW is to blame. It would have been much easier to get rid of those inadequate managers were it not for the Union they belong to. You see, the UAW not only protects the blue collar worker but asserts it’s insidious influence and control all the way to the top.
    Rather than get rid of the problems working within the company the UAW would rather see ford leverage everything they “own” to save a few workers. That’s bad business and serves no one. IF Ford goes bankrupt everyone’s jobs are at stake and taxpayers end up footing the bill. I guarantee that when Ford goes under, putting all those poor UAW folks out of work, they will be the first in the unemployment benefits line. After all, thanks to the union, they’ve been getting paid quite well for not working all along!

  8. Jim,

    As dark as these times seem, to true Americans like us, let me assure you that real Americans (those between New York and Los Angeles) will see us through. The dismantling of our great country began in the 60’s, the free-love and drug generation of that time. Sadly, some of those same lame individuals are now running, or are in high power positions, in our education, media, arts and political institutions. They have implemented their socialist, communist and “1984” mentality on much of culture and society with has created such a freat divide.

    Also, I often ask: Why is it that some people who came to this country, in the last century, with nothing, no political or governmental help were able to become something or do something with their lives? They found a way to thrive and progress. Now, we have all this welfare and handouts and certain people, communities or sections can’t seem to get out of their holes? What gives? Part of it, I think, is the welfare and entitlement mentality that has been programmed into them by these lame-ass socialist. This gives them no incentive to progress. In contrast, earlier people knew you work hard = you progress. Complacency = death.

    Americans will wake up and damn all these corrupt politicians and start to take back our country. Why should a small minority be able to determined how the majority should behave? This is America, democracy and majority rules. We’ve made mistakes and have done more than enough to make up for it. Is time for America, the real America, to stop apologizing. Go back to honoring the fundamentals of our Founding Fathers country (God, country, family) and be sensible about how we govern ourselves. Kick both parties out of office and start anew. All in due time, my friends. God Bless America.

    “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve. …”

  9. Clearly Derek is a democrat union man.

    There was a time, perhaps, that unions provided a service to workers. When workers were forced to work 12 and 16 hours just to keep bread on the table, and industry ground kids into dust on the loom floors, unions helped keep unscrupulous corporations in check and not treat human beings as just a replaceable cog in the machinery. True.

    That has NOT been the case for much of the 20th century, and especially not since mid century last.
    Like government, which can be an aid to liberty and prosperity, unions have grown bloated, corrupt and large. They have taken on a life of their own, as has our bloated, corrupt government. Both the government and unions now work harder to destroy free enterprise, individual effort, and liberty than they do protect the interests of the governed/members.

    How can I say that unions destroy liberty? Simple. I don’t know of a single union that has NOT told their members to vote democratic. And it has been more than anyone, the democrats over the last 70 years who have outsourced our livings, abrogated the Bill of Rights, instituted socialism and secular humanism, stifled freedom of speech, corrupted the political process, gone hand in hand with organized crime, invited aliens in to dilute the American dream and moral fibre,
    and otherwise belittled and castigated every value and morality that my parents and your parents honored as uniquely AMERICAN.

    It’s almost fitting that the unions, who enabled the democratic onslaught against the American Dream, now are in the position themselves of bewailing the outsourcing to Mexico, India and China of their jobs, expertise, and manufacturing.
    Done by the very people they voted for en bloc lockstep and mindlessly.

    I remember in 1980 a layed off steel worker moaning about the company laying him off. He went on to tell me it would be impossible to find another job paying him 50K/year (1980 $). What was his job, I asked. Janitor, he said

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