Where the Wind Blows

I really thought I was going to be done with Barack Obama commentary after last week, however, he keeps throwing out zingers too inane to pass up.   In his most recent foray into Moronville, the prospective president presented us with his foreign policy intentions for that veritable little powder keg we call Pakistan.

After getting his butt thoroughly kicked by Hilary Clinton in previous debates where he didn’t know how to respond to a terrorist attack on the United States, and then again when he so inarticulately (don’t call Barack Obama articulate!) suggested we should be enthusiastic to open dialogue with the world’s worst despots, Obama now wants to show us how tough he can be.

Recognizing Pakistan as a haven for anti-American terrorists, Obama is ready to skirt the sovereignty of that nation even though its president is a strong supporter and ally of the United States.   On the other hand, going after a mad man in Iraq who demonstrated his willingness to dispense weapons of mass destruction on Northern Kurds and who was openly hostile to the U.S. was a bad idea.

George Bush is a complete moron for going into Iraq, but Barack is a brilliant military tactician all ready to send our army into Pakistan to track down Obama I mean Osama.   Even on the surface the contention is ridiculous, at the very least Saddam Hussein was a bitter agitator to the U.S., meanwhile President Musharraf of Pakistan has endured and survived multiple assassination attempts because of his support of U.S. policies in the region, and has been a pretty faithful friend in the war on terror.   He leads a people hostile to America in spite of threats to his life and limb.  

This is typical Democrat policy, chastise friends and yield to enemies.

In this latest jaunt, Obama has pitched his sails to take up the wind of public opinion he perceives, unfortunately, his inexperience and youth shines through his impetuous comments to illuminate a man immature, listless, and without the foundations required for leadership.  

While he is trying to match Bill Clinton’s skill in tapping into the public emotion, he does so without the charisma and southern charm that marginally attained Clinton the presidency.   If it were not for a disappointing, Read my lips affirmation by the elder Bush, Bill Clinton would not have become president by the skin of his teeth.  

Barack Obama offers nothing to the American people in terms of policy improvement, hasn’t the charisma nor charm of Bill Clinton, and can’t articulate (no pun intended) anything coherent regarding foreign policy.   His only appeal has been to tell low income people he promises to take more money from the rich.

While Obama berates President Bush for explaining, It was a terrible mistake to fail to act when we had a chance commenting on a possible opportunity to reach Al-Qeada leaders in 2005, he hasn’t a word to utter regarding the many chances a Democratic administration had to reign in Osama Bin Laden prior to the tragedy of 9/11.

Obama is a transparent partisan who believes opportunity should be doled out and dictated by government while picking yourself up by your own bootstraps is capitalist folly, and any success realized in such endeavor is prime for government confiscation.

Too bad the whole nation doesn’t make only 15 grand a year, then maybe Barack Obama could get elected; of course then fifteen grand a year would be rich, and all those five thousand dollar a year guys would be screaming about the inequities in our system.

Leadership doesn’t happen by licking your finger and sticking it into the wind to figure out what your next move ought to be.   Leadership happens by knowing what the hell you are doing before you start.   Barack Obama doesn’t have a clue.


Copyright 2007 Jim Pontillo

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